Thursday, July 24, 2014

Welcome to my blog.


Welcome to my blog.  My name is Margaret and I hope you are extraordinarily patient, this is my first attempt at creating a blog.  Not to mention my first time doing anything on the Internet other than a search.  So here I go.

First, let me tell you a bit about myself.  I live in the Capital Region of New York State; this includes Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Columbia Counties.  We are centrally located, in a hour or less we can be in the Adirondacks, Central NY, the lower Hudson Valley and well into New England.  We have lakes, rivers, country, mountains and cities right in our back yard.  There is culture, entertainment, history and outdoor activities right at our fingertips.  I live in a 1920's Bungalow in an urban yet quiet neighborhood.  I love my little home and tend to it tirelessly.  When I was a kid all I wanted was a house; some kid's wanted a bike or a pony but me, I wanted a house.  And, I have been in my little bungalow for over 20 years.

I was born in the mid 1960's and I am definitely a product of the time.  Growing up there was always music in my home.  Not necessarily the genre of music I have followed since my pre-teen years; but definitely modern music.  Back then AM radio was big and the stations in our home were always playing modern, popular, top 40 music.  So, primarily Rock and Roll of the time.  Since I was about 10 years old it has been metal but now there is a little alternative mixed in.  But, I still love the Beach Boys, Beatles, Cat Stevens and Melanie and the classic rock of the 50's, 60's and 70's.  My desert island cd's would be Judas Priest, Megadeth, Metallica and Cat Stevens.  So basically I am a "hippie metal head?"

Another reflection of the time is my love of mysteries, horror and sci fi.  Obviously the 60's and 70's were prime time for this type of pop culture and entertainment.  And, it was in the house everyday.  The Universal Monsters, Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows, every 1970 and 1980 horror movie to hit the theater were all part of my life back then.  I started reading John Saul and Stephen King when I was young.  A week never went by with out a trip to the local movie house.  And, I did start reading very young; I always spent much to much money on books from my school's book club.  Anything with  monsters, ghosts, witches, aliens or murder and mayhem is my entertainment.  I was never afraid of the monsters under the bed, I always wanted to figure out how to keep him as a pet.  I am definitely what people call a "monster kid."  My desert island dvd's would be DEATH TRAP, STEPFORD WIVES, DRACULA and the complete TWILIGHT ZONE COLLECTION.  For my reading pleasure I would need Stephen King's IT, THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW and THE COMPLETE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLEN POE.

My mom was always a very creative holiday decorator, and that is rubbed off on me.  I love to decorate for all the major and minor holidays.  But, my favorite holidays are Halloween, Thanks Giving and Independence Day.  I live for Halloween, and everything that comes with it.  But, Halloween is pretty much part of my life everyday, all year long.  And my love of America and it's history make Thanks Giving and July 4th very important to me.

Living were I live makes traveling pretty easy.  I have traveled all over the country and out of the country; but I consider my self a New England Girl.  I spend a great deal of time traveling around New York State, New England and the East Coast in general.  But, I love my trips to San Fransisco, Chicago and Savannah, GA, three cities with a lot of history, mystery, mayhem and ghost. 

My passions include fencing, surfing (yes there is great surfing on the East Coast) and rafting.  I love animals and being out in and enjoying the enviorment and nature.  I enjoying gardening, cooking, shopping for antiques and interior decorating. 

That is me in a nut shell, as they say.

S0 bear with me as I get this thing going and I hope you stick around to see it grows.  See you at my next post.

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  1. Hi Margaret. I just discovered your new blog - Congratulations on Little Bungalow Life! I look forward to your future posts on gardening, decorating and mystery novels. Good Luck!