Saturday, October 25, 2014


A beautiful Fall day with a beautiful Fall week to come.  We just finished a week of rainy weather.  I honestly do not mind the rain, especially when we are experiencing a deficit.  The only problem with this past week I could not sit out side on the patio to read.  After Thanks Giving I put my front porch and back yard patio furniture away until March or April, so I like to use it as much as possible in the Fall.  I could sit on the back porch, but there will be enough time during the Winter to do that.

Rain aside it was a very busy week.  Ran a ton of errands, finished a bunch of chores, got my hair cut and put together my Halloween sacks for the Trick-or-Treaters.   But the rain is over and we are in for another fantastic Fall week (we really have had a perfect Fall.)  

But since the weather is cooperating this is still one of my favorite hobbies.

Start with hot chocolate or Chai Tea with Halloween marshmallows.  This is one of my favorite mugs, I have a set of two Martha Stewart for Macy*s.  Keurig is the best brewer.  I use it to brew my tea in bags, too.

The marshmallows don't look like much but they melt great and add a seasonal glow to the hot drink.

They are starting to melt already. 

Sun readers, The Legend of Sleepy Harlow by Kylie Logan.  This is a "new-to-me" author, so I chose to start with her third book, since it was a spooky theme perfect to read during the Halloween season.  And so far so good.
My little  pumpkin chiminea is not needed but it is great for burning AmazonLights.  These things are great, they come in cones and sticks.  I first found them in a general store in Woodstock, Vermont but then started to order them on line.  They smell fabulous and really keeps the bugs a bay.

As I have said, I live in a city with in New York States Capital Region.  But my neighborhood is more suburban, just 5 minutes from downtown  It is a planned community which they started building in the 1920s, so there are plenty of wonderful mature trees to provide wonderful Fall color.

And my Nantucket Daisies are if full bloom, although a little bent from all the rain.

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