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Autumn is finally here and I am a very happy girl.  I would rank my seasons by Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter.  I love the warm, sunny days and the cool crisp nights of Fall.  It is so pleasant to be outside.
 I love the sights, sounds and smells of the season.  The changing leaves, pumpkins and apples.  Even my flowers seem to be at their best in fall.  The colors on the blooms seem to be brighter and the leaves change and darken and add depth to the plants.
The wind blowing and the leaves rustling down the street.  The birds and critters chattering as they get ready for winter.
The wood fires burning, ovens baking and that crisp, fresh air

Of all the months, October is my favorite.  September is a nice transition month and November has Thanks Giving.  My three favorite holidays are Independence Day, Thanks Giving Day and Halloween.  But October is Halloween all month for me.  The decorations are up, the scary movies are lined up and I love the specials on channels like History, Travel, Food and even now the Weather Channel.

I decorate both the front and back of my home.  I like to have the back just as decked out as the front.  I keep my back patio and yard furniture out past Thanks Giving, if I can keep it out longer I do.  I enter and leave my home through the back door so I like to see the decorations when I come home.
Even my detached garage gets a little attention.

Some photos of my home all decked out for the big day.

Leaf garland around the front door, and I use a leaf candle ring around the porch light.  The porch light seemed so barren to me so each holiday and season I have something to place around it.  When I can not find a small wreath to fit over it, I go for candle rings, they work great.
My rails always get velvet bows appropriate for the holiday and wind socks get hung.  The bat wind sock is one of my originals.  I found it at an American Greetings store over 20 years ago and it has been up every year since I bought my home.
My daisies on the stairs are in terra cotta pots and are nestled with terra cotta pumpkins from Oriental Trading Co., painted pumpkins from The Christmas Tree Shops and my little black rats from the Dollar Tree.  They are all set to greet visitors.
I have replaced a few porch flowers with pansies.  Earlier in the season I picked up some mums and I had a few petunias to mix with in my three pumpkin pots.  I found them a few years ago at the Home Depot (already filled at the time) and fill them every year.
I mix fresh pumpkins  both large and small, with life like, lighted  Jack-O-Lanterns.  I purchased them from Target and have them in various sizes and expressions.  I like to light them every night for the entire month, so artificial is more practical.
The wicker stays on the porch until December 1, so each piece gets a pumpkin pillow and I have my little crows perched on them.  The crows are from The Dollar Tree and are as good quality as pricier versions I have found at other decor stores.
The interior of my home is not spared my Halloween spirit.  Every corner of my home gets touched.

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