Thursday, October 30, 2014


Yes I know Halloween is technically and eve, but October is all about Halloween for me, so any excuse to celebrate....
Lunch today at Tailored Tea, a lovely tea cafe in neighboring town of Latham.  Tailored Tea is in a 1785 farm house with a vary colorful history. 

"The farmhouse built by Revolutionary War veteran Ebenezer Hills Jr. in 1785 has a storied past.
The private home served as Watervliet Town Hall at the turn of the 19th century when Hill was elected town supervisor. Two decades later, his son Laban turned it into a stagecoach inn, tavern and post office. It became the infamous trysting spot of Van Rensselaer scion Elsie Whipple and handyman Jesse Strang, whose affair led to the murder of Elsie's husband at Cherry Hill Farm. The hanging of Strang in 1827 — Albany's last public execution — drew 30,000 spectators.
The Rebusman family owned the center-hall Colonial for a full century before getting it listed on the National Register of Historic Places and selling it to the Albany County Airport Authority in 1982. It languished, vacant and deteriorating at the edge of the runway, until the authority scored a federal grant of more than $600,000, enabling it to move the landmark 600 feet to a knoll near Route 7. Work was completed in 2010, with careful preservation of the original woodwork and wide pine floors, and the addition of central air conditioning and modern wiring and plumbing."
(By CHERYL CLARK, Special to the Times Union
First published: Sunday, June 03, 2012)
Lunch, ratatouille, chicken pot pie with a small side salad and 1/2 pot apple spice tea.

And Halloween treats for my lunch companions.
Little coffin boxes from the Dollar Tree, with Halloween scarves, orange and black pumpkin and black and white spider.  Cute little Witches' potion bottles and black cat and jack-o-lantern pins from Oriental Trading Company.  They come on little cards that tell the folklore behind both.  Halloween bubbles and a small bag of candy corn complete them.

Tie them with a bit of raffia ribbon.

In the piece above about Tailored Tea, historic Cherry Hill is mentioned, here is a look.  Beautiful Cherry Hill is located at 5231/2 South Pearl Street in Albany, NY. 

And, just for October, a dramatic tour reenactment of the infamous murder at Cherry Hill.
In 1827, a murder occurred at the Cherry Hill farm, home of the well known Van Rensselaer family. The crime aroused tremendous public interest, and the subsequent trial culminated in the last public hanging in Albany. Although it appeared to be a crime of passion, it uncovered some simmering issues of the day including women's roles and legal rights, social class, punishment and the law, and slavery in New York. Hear the words of those involved in the crime and decide whom you think was guilty or innocent.

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