Monday, October 6, 2014



     Some Halloween Decorations.
Click on the pictures for a closer look.

I have two of these little skulls on sticks.  I purchased them at The Christmas Tree Shops many years ago.  They are in both planters at each end of the porch.  I love how the peek through the leaves of the spikes.

Leaf garland on the hand rail and little Dollar Tree witch brooms up the stairs.  I tie them with orange curling ribbon.
Small pie pumpkins in the rail pot hangers across the porch.

I love Terra Cotta pots for planting.  I found matching Terra Cotta pumpkins from The Oriental Trading Co.  The painted pumpkins are from Christmas Tree Shops and the little black rats are from the Dollar Tree.  I have seen items similar to all of these at other decor stores at much higher prices.  It is possible to find great decorations at inexpensive stores.

Two of my favorite decorations, my little black cat and my purple glittery witch broom.  The kitty is in many stores now, but I bought this at the Market Basket in Danvers, MA.  She is just so cute,  The broom is from JoAnn's.

One of my "life like" lighted pumpkins, a ceramic pumpkin from The Oriental Trading Co.  The plastic pumpkin pot is one of three I have, and I pot them every year.  The pumpkins are from Target.

More of my "life like" lighted pumpkins.  On the table between my wicker is a Terra Cotta pumpkin candle holder from Michael's, it is one of my more expensive pieces, but I could not leave it.  I use a led battery powered touch light (the type you stick on) to light it.  And a pumpkin pillow from Avon I have had for years.  The pillow on the chair is another Christmas Tree Shops find.  I have a matching one on the other chair.
The potted petunias finally had their last day, so I just replaced them with small pie pumpkins.  They are in the three pot holders I have across the front rail.

Three little ghost hang from the cherry tree, metal skeleton and two glow in the dark painted rocks under the tree.  The rocks are from Walgreens, the skeleton was another JoAnn's find and the ghost are from Party City.  The little metal black cat is one of three and second in under the bird bath on the other side of the tree, they are from The Oriental Trading Co.

Since the potting bench is done with it's work for the year, I decked it out with some real and ceramic pumpkins and the hand rails get  leaf garland.

I keep the patio furniture out until Thanks Giving or longer if the weather holds.  I enjoy the back yard as long as I can.  So a little decor is in order.  And, since the garage is in the back, I go in and out the back door, so I enjoy the decorations.

The little pumpkin chiminea is from The Oriental Trading Co.  I use it for burning AmazonLights citronella garden incense cones.  They work great keeping the bugs at bay and they smell fantastic

Even my garage gets dressed for the Halloween season.

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  1. Love your Halloween and Home decorations. I agree, that of the Four Seasons, Fall is my favorite. There is something wonderful about living in the Northeast -- especially the colors, the air and the best -- the food and holidays! Thank you Little Bungalow Life for a great new blog. Happy Halloween!