Sunday, October 26, 2014


So I have been counting down Halloween since October 1 with my trusty Hallmark Halloween date cube.   Today we are at 5 days and counting.  So now the real spirit starts.  Trick-or-Treat sacks are already put together, thanks to some rainy weather last week.  Today it is dry but blustery (we had some very impressive thunder storms move through last night) so this calls for some inside festivities.

First, it is Sunday and my Sunday morning routine requires reading the paper and watching the CBS Sunday Morning Show with Charles Osgood, breakfast and then I start my day. 
A good indoor activity, pumpkin carving.  I leave most of my pumpkins un-carved.  I like to use them as long as I can.  I love incorporating them into my winter decor through December and January.  Most years I can, as long was we don't get to many really low temperatures.  I will bring them in some nights too, just to keep them going.  But, I should carve at least one. 
Ta Da the pumpkin!  So I set up with some butcher paper.  I purchased several rolls quite a few years ago when a local restaurant equipment store was closing.  I am down to one roll but this stuff is great, especially for something like this.  A cute little plastic cauldron from the Dollar Tree and a pumpkin mug with pumpkin carving tools.  I wipe the pumpkin down with a little water and bleach.  I cut out the bottom instead of the top and a little hole in the back to get at the battery powered, led disk light.  Separate the pulp from the seeds for roasting later. 
I used a template to carve a cat this year.  I am not too happy with the face but It didn't come out too bad.  Clean up is easy, roll the paper up, clean the counter and done.

Now to roast the seeds.  I like to clean them well, even tho a little pulp won't hurt.  I soak them a few minutes in salt water and then drain them well and into a bowl. I purchased F. Olivers Fabulous Finger Lakes Squash Seed Oil while in Ithaca this past Spring.  So I mixed the seeds with the oil and some coarse ground sea salt and layered them on a lined backing sheet.  Then in the oven for 45 minutes at 300 degrees and until nice and golden brown.

All done.
A windy, Fall day calls for something spicy and comforting for lunch.  Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla with sour cream and salsa and Martinelli's Apple Cider.
Lazy Sundays call for eating in front of the T.V.  Over the last few weeks I have DVR(ed) several of my favorite Murder She Wrote episodes  (some of the spooky ones.)
"The Witch's Curse,"  "Threshold of Fear," "Incident in Lot 7," "The Legacy of Borbey House" and "Murder Takes the Bus."  All perfect for a cool, windy Fall day.  The sun sets earlier and the wind is whipping the leaves, time to take a stroll outside. I love to go out and look at my decorations.  It is nice to just make a cup on tea and stroll outside to admire the lights.
Then a stroll out back, just enjoying the fresh night air.  It is really looking and feeling like Halloween.  The count down continues to my favorite holiday.


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