Thursday, October 9, 2014


I love spending a day as a tourist in my own home town.  My home area has so much to do and see for residents and visitors alike.  Sometimes I think I take it for granted and I don't want to, so I try and make a habit of doing things at home I would do on vacation.
So on a beautiful October Wednesday we boarded  The Dutch Apple and headed north on the great Hudson River.  Click on the pictures for a closer look.

It rained overnight but the sky cleared and turned bright blue, the sun bright and the October wind warm.

Some of the sights we saw.  Everything looks so different from the river.

Amtrak crossing the Livingston Avenue Bridge over the Hudson River from Rensselaer to Albany.  Once the train passed the bridge swung open to allow us to pass.  The bridge moves pretty good for 112 years old.

Top of the Armory peeking through the trees on the Rensselaer County side of the river.


We are closing in on the Green Island Bridge.  Connecting Green Island and Troy over the Hudson.  This cool bridge lifts to allow river traffic to pass. 

Approaching the Federal Lock and Dam in Troy.  The lock and dam are operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.   We entered the dam and raised 12 feet and then returned and lowered back down again.

 A few more pictures of the dam and lock.

A very small piece of the beautiful Albany skyline.  The Corning Tower in the Empire State Plaza right in the center.

The D and H Rail Road building which is now the SUNY Administration Building.

The Half Moon docked at the Corning Preserve.
The Half Moon

The USS Slater, a cannon class destroyer escort.
The USS Slater

As the cruise came to an end the sky slowly clouded up, so homeward bound to settle in for a night in front of the fire with tea and pumpkin spice donuts.
What a great day and looking forward to the next adventure right here at home.

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