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Every day is one day closer to Thanksgiving.  Leaf clean up is now in over drive.  It has been a bit windy and a little unseasonably cold so trying to keep the yard clean has been a full time job.  After working out side there is nothing like a warm, comforting lunch.  Friday was only about 40 degrees but the sky was clear and the sun bright.  After coming in and cleaning up, a perfect lunch is creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese. 

There is nothing better than Campbell's Creamy Tomato Soup.  I topped it with a few Grafton Village Bakery cheddar rosemary biscuits.  I love a simple, straight forward grilled cheese.  I use Sara Lee Soft&Smooth whole grain white.  It is a very moist bread and doesn't dry out.  I prefer Friehofer's Bread products, because they (even tho not started in the Capital District) have had local factories here since the early 1900; but they no longer offer a whole grain white.  I also use Land O Lakes white American Cheese (sliced at the deli counter, not packaged.)  Land O Lakes makes the best grilled cheese, it melts just right.  And Martinelli's  sparkling apple cider.
For desert, warm brownie with whip cream.  Perfect reward for a hard day of work.  I like brownies in a round pan, to slice like a pie.
So, of course the leaves are back, and it is another day of yard work.  Definitely seeing progress now.  Another cold day but still the sun shines so bright.  Today calls for something hot and spicy.
Chili and Ines Rosales Sweet Olive Oil Tortas.  The sweetness of the Tortas is perfect with spicy chili.  And, today it is Celestial Seasonings Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tea.
A perfect Fall evening calls for roasted chestnuts.
After cutting the shells with an x;
on to a baking sheet and into the oven for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.  The best part about roasting chestnuts is the aroma.  It fills the whole house.
Beautiful golden, warm and moist Chestnuts.  Chestnuts and hot apple cider in front of a fire is my idea of a perfect Saturday.  Since I refuse to watch Christmas movie before Thanksgiving; I am happy there was one, modern Thanksgiving movie to DVR and watch.  Hallmark channel's THE THANKSGIVING HOUSE isn't half bad.  And it is a easy Saturday night movie.


(click on the photo for a closer look)
Besides pumpkins of every size all around the house, turkeys, Pilgrims and Indians set the feel of the season.  This little glittery guy is a recent find at The Christmas Tree Shops.
This metal turkey is made up of leaves, so cute, from Pier 1 Imports.
I am not a fan of burning candles, but I love the look of these candle holders.  The top, is from Oriental Trading Company and the set in the lower picture is from the Christmas Tree Shops. 
Above, I substitute a pine cone for the candle and below the large turkey gets a pumpkin and the smaller gets a pine cone.  The Little Bird Girls holds pumpkins.
The leaves hanging from the light are actually, Christmas ornaments I found at Target a few years ago after the holidays were over.  The Pilgrim couple on the table were found at our local supermarket chain, Price Chopper.
Another cute, glittery turkey from The Christmas Tree Shops.
A plush turkey from Oriental Trading Company on the chair in the living room.

The Indian couple, on the colonnades were found several years ago at a Big Lot in Utica. 
Through out the house I have smaller clay pumpkins I found at The Oriental Trading Company, many years ago.  A few larger sparkling foam pumpkins from K Mart and some small paper mache pumpkins from JoAnn's.  I like to put them in unusual places through out the house.  The orange of the pumpkins is so festive.

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