Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Today is Election Day and I hope you remembered to vote.
I remember when I was a little girl, I loved going in into the voting booth with my mom and watching her vote.  I could not wait to turn 18 so I could vote on my own.  During my senior year of high school all the Social Studies teachers brought voter registration forms to classes for the students.  I would not turn 18 until August but I was so excited to fill the registration out.  Shortly before my 18th birthday I received my voter information from the Board of Election and that November I entered the booth on my own, as an adult.  I felt so grown up.
I have not missed a political election since. 
When I moved into my house 20 years ago my polling place was several blocks away.  But the following year it was moved right around the corner.  It is so nice to walk to the polling place, especially on a beautiful Fall day.
In honor of Election Day and in honor of Veteran's Day next week I decked out my pumpkin pots with little flags.
I also placed a flags in the planters in front of the porch.
I will leave them up throughout November.
It as a beautiful, sunny, warm Fall day, so I worked outside all day.  Pulling up flowers, cleaning out pots, cutting the grass and cleaning up leaves.  But it gets dark early now, by 5:15 p.m. the sun has completely set.  So after a busy day in the yard and voting;  time for some night time fun.
I love making these little hand pizzas.  I use a store bought pizza crust and I use a drinking glass turn up side down to cut the little doughs.  A cookie cutter would probably be easier, but since I don't have a round one I have to improvise.  Then it is simple as just making the pizzas with sauce and what ever topping you choose.  I bake them to the temperature and time specified on the dough package but then I add a few minuted to make sure they are crispy.  And, I cook them on a pizza stone.
I also make a little salad of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, feta and a store bought vinaigrette (I like Paul Newman's or Cape Cod.)
And since it is Fall, Martinelli's single serve sparkling cider.
Even though I love voting and respect the process I won't be  watching the poll numbers on t.v. instead I will be watching my favorite Election Day movie...
"My Fellow Americans."  I love this movie, all of my favorite actors, especially James Garner and Jack Lemmon.  Of course I always say that John Heard has only 5 lines in 5 scenes but they are the best in the movie!
Now for a peek at my outdoor Thanks Giving Day decorations.
My two favorite clay pumpkins get to stay out for Thanks Giving.  My pots are gone now, so a pumpkin gets the seat of honor .
I have had the turkey blow mold for a long time, I can not even remember where I purchased it and I only used it once.  Why?  I have no idea but I changed the cord and socket and he is outside to light up the night.
With out the flowers, my porch seems empty, but I try to keep it full of color with pumpkins.  I do have some potted pansies left.
And flowers, scarecrows and witches make way for more turkeys.  I do leave the pumpkins out in the back yard too.  I will keep all my out door furniture up until Thanks Giving.  Then they go in for their slumber until  April.
On this Election Day, test your knowledge with The History Channels Citizenship Quiz.  Not bragging but I did get 100%;  then you have the opportunity  to print out a certificate.  Just beware some questions are outdated by a year or two (so it could be a memory test too.)



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