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We always travel off-season; Spring and Fall.  I prefer to be home in the back yard by the pool and away from the Summer crowds.  And, I stay close to home in the Winter.  Fall, is always such a great time to travel around New England.  Two of my favorite Fall destinations are Salem, MA and Plymouth, MA.  Salem is beautiful anytime of the year, but many visit in October for Salem Haunted Happenings.  We have been to Haunted Happenings many times but we have also been there in the Spring.  We don't stay directly in Salem, we stay at the Marriott Courtyard in Danvers.  While there we always head out and around the area to Cape Anne and up through the entire North of Boston area.  We love Rockport and Bear Skin Neck, Newburyport and Ipswich.  The drive north on route 1a is the best way to see the area, right to the New Hampshire state line.

Some sites of Salem.
                                                             The Friendship of Salem

The Friendship of Salem replica was built here in the NYS Capital District at Scarano Brothers Ship Yard at the Port of Albany.  The ship is docked at Derby Wharf and is a part of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site.
Also called the Witch House.  This was the home of the Salem Witch Trail Judge.  We had a great tour guide, she was an older woman and gave the most colorful and interesting tour.  She talked of the Judge taking the young woman (and only the woman) up to his chamber (alone) and questioning them (???) read what you will in that but the tour group knew where she was going.
The Peabody Essex Museum is made of the the main building and a collection of historic homes all housed together in a yard across from the main building.  One of the best events we attended during Haunted Happenings was Eerie Events at the Peabody Essex Museum.  In the evening you visit house by house and hear "spooky" period stories by costumed performers.  There would be a bonfire and refreshments.  It was always so much fun and a great fundraiser for the museum.
There is so much to do in and around Salem, not just for the Witch Trails but also it's rich maritime history.  It is a classic New England city.  And when you are in the area also check out
Marblehead, MA to see the "Spirit of '76" in the Selectmen's Room in Abbot Hall.
Danvers (which was the original Salem Village) has the 1632 Endicott Pear Tree, The Putmam House, Nurse Homestead, Samuel Holten House and Parsonage. 
Plymouth, MA is another favorite destination anytime of the year.  But thanks to those Pilgrims it is a great Fall destination especially in November.  Here are some sites.
Take a walk through Burial Hill where several pilgrims are buried.
And make sure you leave time for a trolley tour to the many cranberry bogs, it is quite an interesting experience.
There is so much more to see and experience in these two unique New England cities.  Great food, fantastic shopping and stunning sites.  Get out and enjoy.

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