Friday, November 21, 2014


With Thanksgiving less than a week away many orchards, farm stands and country stores in our area are in their last days for the season.  Some do stay open until Christmas and a few stay open year round. 
Although it is still chilly and a bit windy it is a bright sunny day and a perfect day to get out and do a little shopping and have lunch. 
We did wake up to a little snow this morning and we still had a few flurries during breakfast, but by time we headed out the clouds had parted and the sun was bright. 

First stop Bowman Orchards in Rexford.  During the season they have pick-your-own, a country store, bakery and donut shack; but this late in the season the only building still open is the country store.  But, they still sell baked goods, and they have the best apple pie. 
The apple trees are bear but still beautiful.  And Bowan is one of the few orchards in the area the have two of the new apples trees created by Cornell University.
Snapdragon and Rubyfrost are two varieties at Bowman and we picked up a 1/2 peck of the Snapdragons.

For the first time they are making gourmet syrups I chose the Apple Butter Syrup, I guess it will be pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.
Next off to Fo'Castle Farm Country Store in Burnt Hills.
Apple cider donuts and raspberry almond thumbprint cookies.
It was time for lunch, we stopped at Carney's Tavern in Ballston Lake.  The building that houses Carney's Tavern has been a gathering place for locals for over 100 years.  Lunch was home made veggie beef soup and burgers with hand cut fries and a delicious fried pickle on top.
Last stop before heading home, Lakeside Farms Country Store.
I picked up a couple of new "warty" pumpkins.  I like to use pumpkins in my Winter decorations too.  My larger pumpkins are still hard and healthy but I wanted a couple of new ones.  So homeward bound with the fruits of our labor.
The snow is all gone.  The sun will be setting soon and it is good to be home.
I guess someone couldn't wait for me to refill the feeders.

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