Sunday, December 7, 2014


So as I said previously, I don't do much reading during the Winter months; but come Spring I am eager to start my reading.  So, I like to stock up for my reading season.  Thanks to Danna and her Cozy Mystery List I have three more books to add to the pile.

Maggie King is a "new-to-me" author and this is a first book in a new series.  
 A fun and sassy cozy mystery in which one woman must solve the murder of a book group member and untangle a web of secrets hidden by her bookish cohorts. (courtesy of Barnes and Noble)
Another "new-to-me" author is Lea Wait.  Again, a first book in a new series, I like to get in at the start.  Look at that cover, how can you not want to take a look.  Of course, it takes place in one of my favorite states.
The bright spot in Angie’s homecoming is reuniting with Charlotte, who has started her own needlepointing business with a group called Mainely Needlepointers. But when a shady business associate of the stitchers dies suddenly under suspicious circumstances, Charlotte and Angie become suspects. As Angie starts to weave together clues, she discovers that this new murder may have ties to her own mother’s cold case. (courtesy of Amazon)
And the third new book in my stash is yet another "new-to-me" author, Maya Corrigan.  Like the others, this is a first in a new series.  BY COOK OR BY CROOK, A Five-Ingredient Mystery Series.
Haunted by the car accident that ended her career as a cookbook publicist, Val Deniston has traded in the chaos of New York City for a quieter life near the Chesapeake Bay.  Living with her curmudgeonly grandfather in the tourist town of Bayport is hardly glamorous, but she enjoys running the Cool Down CafĂ© at the fitness and racket club. After a club patron is murdered,  she cooks up a scheme to find the killer who framed her best friend. While she investigates five suspects and uncovers five key clues, Granddad takes up cooking, creating havoc in the kitchen even when trying recipes that have only five ingredients. But kitchen disasters are the least of Val's problems. By dredging for secrets in a small, waterside town, she may be digging her own grave. (courtesy of Barnes and Noble)
I think I am off to a good start, with a nice collection of books.  But, I am sure there will be more to add.

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