Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I thought I would give you a look at some of my favorite holiday gifts.  Being a lover of everything mystery and since my favorite holiday is Halloween; you can bet any gifts I receive are usually not of the typical variety.  This applies to all gift giving occasions.
Of course, this suits me just fine; anything practical that I need or want; I usually buy my self.  So I love when gifts are more personal and unusual.
Books, books and more books.  Always a great gift, the gift of reading.
These two are own the way!  So I am well stocked to start reading in the early Spring.
As I said I love the unique; and as unique goes this is right up there.  What a fun scarf.  A few years ago I received an LA Coroner's Office beach towel!  The LA Coroner does indeed have a gift shop.  It is called Skeletons in the Closet and you can visit or buy on-line.  The store has been around since 1993 and proceeds fund Stop DWI programs.  The web site is well worth a visit, such fun stuff.
I love this post-it note set.  This is Dead Fred, the pen fits into the little stab hole. 
This little crime scene case is cute, The box sets to the right were actually from a gift earlier in the year.  But they all look cute together in a basket in the guest room.  And fun to pull out as party games.
This past Fall I was browsing over these items at The Dollar Tree.  I would not set up a village, but I will place them around the house.  But at the time I hemmed and hawed and never picked them up, and by the time I put some thought into it, they were picked over or gone.  But luckily they are available from The Dollar Tree on-line and can be purchased as a set.  The best part is they come with a larger castle not available at the stores.  And, it has a space to place a light. 
And it is still a dollar for each piece, so it was $10.00.  But I am glade I procrastinated, because the castle is great.
And, I saved the best for last.  When I was a child my favorite movie (to this day) was THAT DARN CAT (1965.)  That started my love of Siamese cats.  We adopted TieLing when I was 8 years old, because of this movie.  I have never had a regret, sharing a life with Siamese cats, and now it is all I know.  I just happened to find this Gund plush from 1965.
This DC is in perfect condition and is so cute.  He is even wearing the wrist watch that the poor kidnapped bank teller puts on his neck that Patti (Hayley Mills) finds.
As for New Years Eve, well the days of going out are long over.  We have attended and even in the inaugural year, worked on the Albany First Night Committee.  But Albany has ended the First Night in lieu of monthly First Fridays and Saratoga has picked up First Night.  But as much as we enjoyed it we opt for a quiet night home.  Especially since SyFy has a TWILIGHT ZONE marathon.
So what do we do, well take out Chinese from our favorite restaurant The Buffalo Wagon and watching THE TWILIGHT ZONE. 
Although one tradition we started several years ago thanks to a very good family friend; First Footing.
First Footing of First Foot (depending on were in Great Britain you are from.)  Our friend is Irish.  Every year she would visit with us for Thanks Giving and New Years
.  One of the years we attended First Night in Albany, she called home to her Mum in England to tell her and Mum was so excited to hear we did First Footing here.  I was always a fun running joke, so we always did it in Mum's honor.
There is a formal tradition but we would just go out the back door and in through the front door at the stroke of midnight.  But with temps dropping to the teens tonight I think we will stay in.  We eill pop more party crackers at midnight and pop a few more after an early dinner on New Years Day.
For breakfast New Years Day a really easy breakfast sandwich.  This is just Pillsbury Grands Biscuits split in half, filled with left over Honey Baked Ham and shredded cheddar cheese.  I like to use shredded cheese it melts quicker and more evenly.  I also top it with the shredded cheddar.  Cabot Cheese is my favorite.  Bake at the time  and temperature on the Grands package.
Yummy golden brown.  They go great with scramble eggs and fruit and of course my favorite fall and winter drink, Martinelli's Cider.  But since it is a little chilly here I will alternate Celestial Seasonings  Mandarin Orange Spice or Cranberry Apple Zinger Herbal Tea.  I like both teas for breakfast, a nice alternative to juice on a cold morning.
So again happy healthy New Year to all!


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