Monday, December 1, 2014


Despite the clouds is was very mild today, up to 48 degrees.  So the snow is all gone (for now) and a perfect day to put up Winter/Christmas decorations.

Well, just a little snow left.  But it is nice to still see grass and it is much easier to decorate when you can dress comfortably and not have to bundle up. 
I love this Santa bird feeder, I found it at Target about 10 years ago.  It makes such a nice statement under the cherry tree.
Silk Poinsettias in Terra Cotta pots on the stairs, I leave the Terra Cotta pumpkins out all year.  Pumpkins are my favorite and I feel they have a place with my Winter decorations.  Pine swags with red bows (that match the bows on the railing)  and lighted wreaths for the windows. 
Another favorite piece, the hanging Poinsettia basket, I found that at Micheal's.  It had flimsy cords for hanging, so I found an inexpensive wire hanging basket and just set it in.  Lighted entry trees and more Poinsettias.  My live pumpkins are still healthy so why not keep them out. 
The clay Santa candle holder is one of my more pricier pieces.  I found it at A.C. Moore, but I couldn't leave it, it is so unique.  I use a LED touch disc light to light it up at night.  The wicker black top hat is from the Christmas Tree Shops.  I have small one I use for candy.
The snowman (above) and the Santa are from Home Depot and the sleigh carriage is from The Christmas Tree Shops.  The sleigh is one of my oldest pieces.  The trees where plain when I bought them.  I added small red velvet bows, red berries and white and red winter flowers.
A nighttime glance, the wreaths on the windows light a very soft green and the Poinsettia wreath on the front door lights red. 
A closer look at the Santa lighted.
Click on the photos for a closer look.

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