Thursday, December 4, 2014


As with all holiday decorating, I keep the decorations inside simple and classic.  I like to use less specific decorations, like the velvet Poinsettias, so I can keep them up right through the Winter (until Spring.)  About a week after New Years Day, I will take down the snowmen, Santas and Christmas trees.  But the pine cones and Poinsettias remain, to help keep color in the house through January and February.

The front entry, the Poinsettias are in simple Terra Cotta pots, for an organic look.  There are several  potted Poinsettias in every room.  They are from Michael's, very inexpensive, just $4.00 and the pots are from Home Depot, they are between $3.00 and $5.00.  Little pine cones all over the house, like in the lobster and the Santa window cling on the mirror,
A smaller Poinsettia on the entertainment console; a wire tree, Santa and a few pine cones add just enough seasonal feel.
Both colonnades get a Poinsettia tree, I found at Target a few years back at an after Christmas clearance.  Another pot and a little pipe cleaner dear.
Two larger trees on the table with little snowmen (all the figurines came from the Dollar Tree many years ago, they don't sell cute things like this anymore.)  The kissing balls on the chandelier are from Lowes.
A closer look at the table and of course another pine cone in the basket.
The wire deer are from Oriental Trading Co. and are actually tea light holders, I took out the glass votive holder and added white pumpkins.  Santa mug and yet more pine cones and another wire tree.  The trees are from The Dollar Tree; Pier 1 Imports sell them as well.
This indoor snowball fight game is a catalogue find.  There are several versions but I love the plush snowman.  My cats love the snowballs, Petsmart sells snowball toys, I think I will have to buy them their own.
The wreath on the bedroom window is my favorite (easy and cheap) craft.  The tinsel wreath and ribbon are from The Dollar Tree.  One roll of ribbon makes two wreaths.  There are two in the kitchen and one in the dressing room.
Again, pine cones and wire trees peeking out.
The nesting dolls in the guestroom are from The Oriental Trading Co.  It is amazing what you can find when you really look.  This is one of my more unique pieces.
A sleigh arrangement in the guest room.
The wreaths in the kitchen,  I made them last year, again $1.50 per wreath and I was so happy how they turned out.  Below a closer look.
Simply  make a loop with the ribbon around the wreath,  I use a small stapler to seal it and then tie bow and again staple it on.  If you are very precise you can not even see the staples.
Another Santa mug sits on the Keurig until it is needed.
Little pine cones everywhere.
I like to keep things easy and simple, but it is just enough to bring in that holiday feel.
Click on the picture for a better look.

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