Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Even tho for many people Christmas and New Year's Day are all about the sweets, I'm "more about" the savory.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy cookies, fudge, candy and pies; but I always prefer the savory treats more.  For me a little sweet goes a very long way.

Here is a prefect combination of salty and sweet.  Fun and easy holiday snack mix.  Perfect for watching movies infront of the fire.  Buggles, pretzels, m&ms (red and green obviously) salted pecans,  (here) chocolate chex (but the cinnamon or apple cinnamon works great too.)

Another fun snack, nothing special here but popcorn, but why not dress it up a bit.  Sharpie Markers and a little curling ribbon, make a plain cup a cute snowman.
And here in a different cup and wrapped in plastic a perfect little treat to hand out or to take along.
A speaking of fun treats to hand out around the holidays, hot chocolate in a bag. Ghirardelli hot chocolate, Fireside Marshmallows and topped off with a peppermint candy cane for stirring.
And the little candy sleigh, two candy canes, KitKat Bar, and Hershey Miniatures tied with ribbons.  To make sure they stay together little glue dots can help.
Another version of the hot chocolate favor, perfect to thank that favorite UPS guy who carefully delivers your packages, or the mail carrier and even the trash collectors.
This is my favorite non-food gift.  Glass bulbs filled with a melted snowman.  Actually it is salt, black pepper and small triangles cut from construction paper or even cray paper streamers.  I like the streamers because it can be rolled up into a cone shape for a 3 dimensional carrot look.  A pretty red satin bow can be tied on the hook loop too.  Some bulbs can open up easily, a little hot glue and keep it caped.
But back to snacks, one of my favorite is mini baked cheese rolls with maple syrup and pecans.  For the shell, any refrigerated dough works, but the easiest is Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.  I like the rolls marked "flaky."  For the cheese Mini Babybel Cheese.  I like the Gouda or Sharp Cheddar.  Simply remove the cheese from the red wax wrapper; the rolls need to be made into squares by keeping two triangles together and press sealing the seams.  A package of rolls (which holds 8 rolls) will yield 4 squares.  And each square can cover 2 or 3 Babybels.  Cut the squares in half and top with cheese.  Just like wrapping Brie bring up the corners, wrap and pinch closed.  Bake at the suggested temperature and time for the rolls.  Top with maple syrup and pecans. 
They are great with Pumpkin Spice or Apple Cinnamon tea.


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