Tuesday, December 23, 2014


With just a few hours to go until Christmas Eve and then on to Christmas Day here are some holiday traditions.
                                                                           The tree.

The cookies.
Thumb Prints are my favorite cookies.  My preference is walnuts and concord grape jelly.  Such a simple cookie and perfect for freezing.  Bake a batch and freeze (pre jelly.)  Just let them thaw then top with jelly, perfect for an any time cookie fix.
Rosettes, covered with vanilla frosting and sprinkles.

Peanut butter is another favorite cookie.  I have fond memories of making peanut butter cookies in Junior High in our Home Ec. Class and bringing the batch home.  That was my go to cookie as a kid.
And the old stand by, decorated sugar cookies.
I love this, Christmas Mouse cookies, how simple.  But you can't have mice with out cats so...
Although, these look like they take some decorating skill.
The gifts.
Simple wrapping paper and wired ribbons tied in classic bows.  Bags with bright contrasting tissue for color.
For Christmas Eve, Christmas night, New Years Eve and New Years night party crackers.  This batch from Pier 1 Imports.  This has been a tradition in our home for awhile, for all holidays.
My favorite movies.
The 1951 A CHRISTMAS CAROL or as also know as SCROOGE with Alastair Sim.  I have the black and white SCROOGE  version and find it to be the best.  But, I also like the TNT version starring Patrick Stewart.
This movie also features Richard E. Grant, who I adore, as Bob Cratchit.
And no Christmas would be complete with out the 1966 T.V. short HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS.  I mean Boris Karloff, need I say more.
Christmas ghost stories.
Again, I will never understand how this great tradition, dating back to the Victorian days,  died away but I love a good ghost story anytime of the year.
And last but not lease, tracking Santa Claus.  And thanks to NORAD we know he will arrive safely.  I love monitoring NORAD's site on Christmas Eve to watch Santa's progress.  And this year the New York Air Guard will be tracking Santa as he crosses across the Northeast.  Thanks Guys!!!
And once Christmas and New Years Day pass, and even tho I celebrate Valentine's Day and I enjoy St, Patrick's Day; it will be the count down to Spring.  With the first day of Winter (which is the shortest day of the year) behind, only 12 weeks till Spring.  By the end of the month day light will be getting longer and the sun will be getting stronger.  Right now the weather is very warm, it will be 50 degrees and rainy Christmas Eve and day; our average is 30's.  The snow is gone, again, but I am sure more will return.

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