Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Well, we are finally seeing some Winter weather here in our part of the Northeast.  And, even tho it has been cold, we are told (by local Meteorologists) we have not broken any records.  We have had a little snow, but only 1 or 2 inches at a time.  But, non-the-less it is January (not my favorite month) and January is a very long month.  The days are getting longer so the sun is a little higher in the sky each day.  Spring is only 9 weeks and 1 day away (single digit countdown.)  And, Home Depot and Lowe's are selling law mowers. 

Since it is still indeed Winter staying warm and cozy is a top priority.  Here are some of my favorite cozy foods.

I love a ham and cheese quiche for the weekend.  Although it is perfect for any meal, I love it as a quick easy breakfast.  I prefer to heat it a bit in the microwave, but just for 1 minute.  I like to pair it with hash browns or bacon and fruit.
Another favorite, especially on a Friday night; sloppy joes.
I like to add mashed potatoes on the side, I top my potatoes with chives.  A little sparkling Martinelli's Cider to go with.

A quick and easy lunch anytime of the year.  Feta, tomatoes and kalamata olive puffs.  Any refrigerator dough can work, I used Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.  Separate into four squares (by keeping two roll triangles together) and fill with feta, cherry tomatoes (sliced) and olives (also sliced.)  I work on a paper plate, since the dough is sticky and is heavy after being filled.  The plate makes it easier to move to the pan.

Fold over and pinch with a fork.  Bake as pre-package directions, I use the max time to accommodate for the stuffing.
Perfect with a bowl of chicken and dumpling soup.
A few more of my favorite cozy foods, tomato soup and grilled cheese.
Baby Bell Gouda wrapped in Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and topped with maple syrup and walnuts.
And, the ultimate comfort food, mac and cheese, here with bacon.  Because everything is better with bacon.
Now for the ultimate comfort food desert.  If you have never heard of Kane's Donuts in Saugus, MA, you don't know what you are missing.
Stepping into Kane's is like stepping back in time.  When ever we are in the area, even if we are just passing through on the way to or from our destination we make the trip.
And look at the cases.
My favorite thing to take home, and to order is their giant coffee roll.  They started online/phone orders a few years ago.  They FedEx your order right to your door.
It can be frosted or sugared.  The first time we brought the rolls home, we tried to freeze it to extend the freshness and it did very well.  It came out of the freezer perfect.  They are perfect anytime of the year, but if we are going to order it we do so in cooler months.  I love it lightly toasted.



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