Saturday, January 24, 2015


I am not sure why it is so hard to find nice, substantial decorations for Valentine's Day.  Over the years I have collected some nice things, but nothing overly special.  I have seen some real nice pieces here and there, but nothing that hits the mark for me.  Several years ago, in my desperation to find some festive items for my home, I found some cute heart shaped boxes at The Dollar Tree.  They are marketed as boxes for gifts but, they are perfect for decorative use too.

Some of the boxes have organza bows in like colors but contrasting prints.
This pink heart box with a bow is paired with a cute little resin bear.  The bear is actually a balloon weight but it makes a cute figurine too.
Other boxes are just decorated with festive prints.  And another little bear.
The box in the entryway is has a "burn out" effect.  And the smaller glittery box below, I love a little bling for all my holidays.  And two Valentine's "wish jars."  I have several around the house, I found then several years at Oriental Trading Co.
I like to hang a little something on the front door knob around the year.
The front entry, a glittery felt heart on the mirror and glittery "love" table top decoration on the ledge.
Boxes, hearts and roses.
More hearts, roses and a tinsel wrapped heart in the living room.
And on the side tables two little Valentine's snow globes.
Decorating the dining room always seems to be the easiest.  One of my favorites is to hang things from the chandelier.  But up until now I have not had anything for Valentine's Day that I really liked.  I recently found these glittery hanging hearts at The Dollar Tree.  I love them!
Definitely a great dollar store find.
The felt rose is from the Dollar Tree, and I thought it was too cute to leave, on each side of the table are ceramic heart boxes from The Dollar Tree as well.  Perfect place to hide some chocolate treats.
Little twig hearts in baskets and trays around the house.
My little Bird Girl holds two hearts, boxes, bears and roses.
I found these potted roses, with baby's breath and hearts at The Dollar Tree.  Unfortunately the plastic pots they are set in are not the nicest, but I found these little clay pots (3 for $1.00) and they fit perfectly.  I love clay pots.
The stone hearts on the colonnades are actually bookends from The Christmas Tree Shops but they make perfect unique decorations.
And another heart shaped box on top of the china cabinet.

A few touches in the bedrooms and similar pieces in the dressing room, bathroom and pantry just enough to add holiday feel.
More of the same through out the kitchen, but here some glitter conversation hearts on the plate rack.  They came attached as a hanging decoration from The Christmas Tree Shops.  I separated them and add them among the plates.
The "love" bag holds some holiday candy.
The back doors get matching twig heart shaped wreaths.
And a pillow for the chair on the back porch.
I have seen many lovely decorations in other pricier stores.  And I am not beyond buying them when they are unique and special but I think the less expensive stores have some really cute things.  I find things I like and think I will enjoy.  My home is not a museum or show place it is my home and what I fill it with makes me happy.  And that is what is truly important filling your home with what makes you smile!


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