Friday, February 13, 2015


On this Valentine's Day Eve, it's cold and windy and I have no desire to go out or do anything.  Although I do prefer to spend all holidays safely at home; this nasty weather zaps all my enthusiasm.  We will be missing the brunt of this next big storm, but we will still get a couple of inches.  But it is the cold that is scary.  But again, it is almost over and it looks to be moderating by this time next week.
One positive thing, Valentine's Day is Friday, so that means celebrating all weekend.  My preference is for easy, casual, comfy foods and a casual celebration.  Here are some of my choices.

I love pizza, yes I admit it, but who doesn't.  It really is the most perfect food.  Although we do have one local pizzeria that makes the greatest heart shaped pizzas anytime of the year; making one of your own is very simple.  We all know what a heart shape looks like, so this dough was free hand shaped into a heart and then add the usual topping and bake.  Parmesan dusted bread sticks are just from a refrigerated dough twisted, baked and sprinkled with cheese.

Another one of my favorite foods is grilled cheese and tomato soup.  And with this cold Winter weather there is nothing more comforting.
When I make my heart shaped grilled cheese, I assemble it and grill it with the traditional shape and then use a cookie cutter to shape it.  It is much easier to grill it uncut than it is cut into heart shape.
I think heart shaped pancakes are many peoples go-to Valentine's Day breakfast treat. With pancakes, again, I cut the heart shape after they are grilled. 
I found a package of heart shaped cookie cutters at The Christmas Tree Shops.
And, since I don't drink any alcoholic beverages, "mocktails" are my choice.  One I love in the Summer, but I think it is perfect for Valentine's Day, Shirley Temple.
Simply, ginger ale, Grenadian, and ice.  Or you can choose a Roy Roger, another one of my favorites, substitute cola for the ginger ale.
And no Valentine's Day would be complete with out a little gift.  For Valentine's Day, like other holidays, I love gift baskets filled with small personal or unique items.  Of course they should be dressed festively for the day.
One activity I try to incorporate in all holiday celebrations is popping party crackers.  They are not easy to find for all holidays, but I found this set around Christmas time and thought they would work great for Valentine's Day.  They are in simple red polka dots and red and white stripes.
I hope every one stays safe and warm and has a wonderful holiday weekend.


  1. Hi,

    I came across your blog through Cozy-Mystery.Com, while I was checking out the list of Cozy Mysteries released in February 2015. I really love that website ...and greatly appreciate the time and effort that Danna puts in it :-) It's interesting, informative ...and responsible for introducing me to many wonderful cozy mystery series that are now among my favourites :-) I have even linked it to my own blog: "A COZY MURDER IS ANNOUNCED", as my favourite websites for cozy mysteries...!

    Anyway, I know that Valentine's Day is gone now but this is a very interesting post and I will surely send the link to one of my friends who is big on celebrating Valentine's Day and making romantic breakfasts for her husband on that day. Maybe it will help her get new ideas for next year...!

    Thanks for the interesting post...! :-)

    Ramla Zareen

  2. Thank you for stopping by Ramla, I do enjoy Danna's blog too and I hope you enjoy mine; and choose to stop by again.