Friday, February 20, 2015


Okay, okay Winter, you win.  We will be patient while you finish your visit here.  8 more days until the last day of February and the first day of March.  3 weeks 6 days until Spring.  But Winter is here now and we have to accept it.  Although the sun was bright and the sky blue and clear; it was cold here today.  But, like every other Winter in the past this one will end too and a beautiful, fresh Spring will come.  Plus the snow does have benefits, ground insulation to protect plant life, and when it melts it give us much needed water to prevent drought.  So again, we promise to be patient and gracious while Winter finishes her job here.

But, to get a little break from the Winter cold, we headed to The NYS Museum at The Empire State Plaza in Albany for the 24th annual New York in Bloom

This wonderful annual event supports the museums after school programs.
This is the beautiful NYS Museum (since it was a little TOO cold to be outside this is a stock photo.)
Luckily The Empire State Plaza has underground parking and an underground concourse, that connects The State Capital to the museum and to all the other buildings in the plaza; so we could stay out of the Winter weather.
There are 117 floral exhibitors, and here are my favorites.
This is one of my favorites, notice the guitar and cello holding flowers.  This exhibit is next to an area set aside for live music performances throughout the event.
Can you find the little squirrel tuck into this arrangement?
Another favorite.  And, yes we do have earthquakes in New York.  We have felt some pretty impressive ones over the years.  I don't know if you can see the little dust pan and broom?  Remember you can click on the pictures to make them larger.
Each floral exhibit is customized to the museum exhibit it accompanies.  This floral exhibit is in the Native Peoples' Hall, check out the veggies.  And there is a pelt and feathers.
I really love this one, it is a whale's tail fin sticking out of the ocean.
Another very unique arrangement, flowers in the horn on top of a silk scarf with a musical theme print.
This very impressive arrangement features a baseball made of flowers and the vase filled with real baseballs.
Live flowers here of course but see the flowers made from news papers.
And at the Sesame Street exhibit, flowers in giant blocks.
Aside from the exhibits, there is entertainment, lectures, demonstrations and classes.  The exhibitors range from business to civic groups to individuals.  It really is a wonderful event and a bargain for just a $5.00 donation.  And there is even a flower market in the museum lobby.
If that doesn't give you either a does of Spring Fever and at lease an antidote for your SAD symptons, I don't know what will.
And since it is Friday and just to cold to be out, we grabbed a nice hot pizza and headed for home.

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