Thursday, February 12, 2015


Two days until St. Valentine's Day and again a long, cold, snowy February; so since it is sunny and mild today (around 32 degrees) time to get out for a little lunch and tea with friends.  We have several nice little tea shops in The Capital Region.  We chose to visit Short and Stout Tea Company in Guilderland. 

This comfy and casual tea shop is more of a tea shop than cafe, but they have an eclectic selection of sweet and savory treats.  They have a large retail space and they offer tastings, classes and talks.
And compared with Tailored Tea in Latham it is a bit more modern, casual.  But it offers a variety of seating options and it was nice to settle into a comfy chair, sip tea and chat with friends.
They offer teas, both hot and iced, by cup or by 2 or 4 cup pots.
Since St. Valentine's Day is on the way why not a little holiday treat.
Fun Valentine's Day mugs (we are meeting at a tea shop after all) Hello Kitty zipper pal (we are all cat lovers) and fun party favors; mini self inflating balloons from The Dollar Tree and cookies.  The balloons are so cute, just smack them and they inflate.
After a lovely afternoon, time to head home (again) before the night time chill sets in.  It will be a cold week end, but again only 5 weeks until spring, two weeks until March 1 and Valentine's Day is the half way point for the month of February.  Hopefully the weather changes soon and we will see some signs of the coming Spring.  But, like every season, this one will come to and end and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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