Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Well, suddenly it is Winter here.  We had a very mild December; January didn't start out too bad; and along comes February.  Although we are almost halfway through the month and Spring is 5 weeks away; the two snow storms we had ( exactly one week apart) dropped 12 inches of snow each time.  Now it is cold!  And before I turn into a Hermit Crab for the rest of the season, it is time to venture out.  At The Empire State Plaza (in Albany) today was the weekly indoor Farmer's Market and Cupid's Concourse--Valentine's Day Northeast Arts & Crafts Show.

So off we go.  It has actually been pretty mild here the last few days.  Today it is very sunny and around 30 degrees (which is around normal.)  But, looking at that snow is miserable.  But, compared to our neighbors in Eastern New England 24 inches is nothing.  But boy does it look cold on The Plaza.
So underground we go for a little shopping.
And the fruits of our labor.
A Whoopie Pie from the Amish vendors.  They are at The Plaza all year and always have the greatest baked good.  A large sugar cookie dressed for the day (from Kingston, NY) and a Toll House Cookie Tart from The Local Flavor Cafe in Watervliet (a couple of exits up I787.)  And a bag of chocolate covered peanuts, because "why not?" "right?"
Before heading home, a quick stop for lunch.  But home early to beat the night time chill.  But, not dark until 5:51 p.m. today, WOOHOO!  The days get longer and longer.

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