Sunday, March 29, 2015


Some holidays get a little more, some a little less, it all depends on my mood.  I do tend to accumulate things, use them for a bit and then change direction.  But, I only throw the decorations away if they are damaged or overly worn.  I have some very cute things for Easter packed away, but I have not put them out in a few years.  My ultimate goal is to find some cute little store to sell them from.  But, for now they stay packed up safely just in case my taste change again.  And, of course as I shop I always find something new.  So, for this Easter I only put out a few of my favorites and some new additions.

A closer look at the wreath on the front door.  Every time I am out I see so many beautiful Easter wreaths, but I just love this little one.

And a new piece for the French door between the dinning room and the kitchen,
I put out these great wood eggs every year.  I always try to find a new way to use them.  This year I picked up some cute little clay pots at The Dollar Tree and the eggs fit perfectly.  So, this year they are scattered all around the house.
I have mentioned before a very favorite local chain closed recently; Yankee One Dollar.  I will admit the last year or two the selections of items had diminished; but it was always a go to store for unique holiday decorations.  These cute little bunny eggs are one of them.  They were in a pack of two and originally had ribbons so they could be used as ornaments. I carefully removed the ribbon and picked up the egg cups for just $1.00 at Pier 1 Imports. 
Another favorite idea, candle holders.  I always find really cute candle holders but I don't like to burn candles.  But, never able to pass by something I love, I find different ways to use them.  I picked these up at Pier 1 Imports and also grabbed a bag of papermache eggs in various sizes.  I just popped the eggs into the cup.
Pier 1 Imports also had these little egg filled nest that match, I put a few of them around the house too.
The wood eggs I have hung from the chandelier came in bunches from The Christmas Tree Shops.  I cut the cords and made loops.  I really love they are all different and I especially love the little gingham ribbons.
Of course then there are bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies.  Some from Pier 1 Imports.
This one filled with little decorated glitter eggs from The Christmas Tree Shops.
Some from The Dollar Tree.
This set, my favorite, is from Yankee One Dollar, of course.
And this guy from The Christmas Tree Shops.
Just a little less for Easter this year, but there is always next year.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


So, this post is a little late, the Easter decorations have been up for almost a week.  Having Easter fall so early makes decorating a bit rushed, but it sure is nice to see the bunnies and eggs.  Although it is hard to believe after that long, cold and snowy February, March is just about over.  Contrary to what I have heard, I didn't think the weather (in March) was all that bad.  My only frustration is the snow is not melting as fast as in the past.  I really want to start cleaning the yard.  I will get to what ever out door cleaning I can get to, but I can't wait to rake.

So here is a look at some of my out door decorations.  Like Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day I wrap holiday tinsel garland around the railing.  This is white tinsel with foil eggs.  Pink velvet bows and  bunny and chick windsocks.  I love my wind socks, but I wish they were easier to find.  Yes, still snow on the ground, but it is melting.

Plastic eggs on the Cherry tree.  My mother made these for me years ago.  She used the eggs that open and she melted holes through the top and bottom and ran string through them.  I can't believe I have had these for 20 years.
I found these silk Daffodils at Michael's several years ago for only $2.99 each.  I should have purchased more, I haven't seen them since.  I am not a huge fan of artificial flowers, but until I can plant, these will have to do.  But they are pretty realistic looking.  And, of course in clay pots.
White tinsel bunnies in the windows are from The Dollar Tree.  They match the tinsel garland great.
Baskets filled with grass and eggs  and the bunny bird feeder are from The Christmas Tree Shops.
A few more Daffodils, here with foam bunnies on sticks and a coir bunny doormat.
This bunny lantern is from Pier 1 Imports.  I put an egg in the lantern in place of a candle.
I love this garland from Lillian Vernon.  I am so glad it is holding up, I have not seen anything I like as much since I purchased it.  And the wreath on the front door matches the baskets in the metal planter.
Of course the wicker is out so a little bunny to dress up the settee.
Like with the last two holidays, the garage just gets a wreath up top and a little decor on the sides of the door.  For Easter it is the same tinsel bunnies as in the front windows.  Although I can't use the backyard yet, it is nice to see something each time to go out and come home.

Friday, March 27, 2015


A bit cloudy and damp this Friday afternoon, but a perfect day for a trip to Troy for The Capital District Garden & Flower Show at Hudson Valley Community College.  This event is in it's 29th year and for just $10.00 (with proceeds going to The Wildwood Programs) it is quite a bargain.

The show consists of a garden exhibit, a flower arrangement competition, classes, demonstrations and our favorite The Market Place (featuring over 100 vendors.)  So after breakfast off we go.  Doors open at 10:00 a.m. and getting their fairly early is wise (especially today) since college classes are in session. 

We hit the garden exhibit first, and we are greeted by a five foot tall metal rooster!

Outside the main floor exhibit are a variety of local clubs showcasing their orchids, succulents and violets.
Several local landscape companies showcase their talents; and usually it is hard to choose who to vote for.  But, this year "hands down" (in our opinions) the winner is WM Designscapes' "The Chinese Artisans Garden."  Take a look and remember you can click on the photos to see them a little larger.
Can you see the little birds in the nest, there were several throughout the exhibit.
And, no the photos do not do it justice.  It is a fantastic display!
Another little bird nest.
There was something new this year a sand sculpture and it was still under construction but well on it's way.
And I loved this vignette in the middle of the show floor.
The competition area never disappoints, this year a great class featuring work created by students from various programs such as BOCES, ARC and The Wildwood Programs.  Our favorite class was titled "Peter Rabbit's Basket."
In another class titled "Botanimals" we found this cute little guy.
Since it is no secret I LOVE everything spooky, you can see why this class was my favorite.  It was titled "A Dinner To Die For."
I actually have a bottle of the Vampire wine!
I have to find out where she found the Frankenstein head vase!
I am so glad I was not a judge, I could never pick a winner.  I loved them all!
And the fruits of our labors included chocolate covered shortbread cookies from Isn't It Sweet from Albany, And chocolate chip cookies and apple pie from the Mohawk Bakery from Fort Plain (in Oneida County.)  The chocolate chip cookies and apple pie are Amish made.
And this little glass Siamese Cat is from Cute Glass Animals from Art For Us Studio in Shelton, CT.
I will definitely order from them in the future. All the little critters they had are handmade.  They had photos of the work in progress hanging all around the booth.  I have similar little glass animals from my childhood.  I used to drive my mother crazy to buy them for me.
After the show it is off to lunch.  Although I prefer local restaurants there are a few chains I do enjoy.  And, since we pass Carrabba's on the way home this is a perfect spot for lunch.
Lunch consisted of Arancin
Minestrone soup (perfect for a chilly day,)
and my favorite Chicken Bryan.
And since we picked up some wonderful sweets at the show, no desert.  We make a quick stop a Dollar Tree and then head home.