Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Here is a peek at my exterior decorations for St. Patrick's Day.  The bright green does help ease the effects of the snow on the ground.  Luckily the snow we just got and are getting tonight is very light, barely an inch and the temperatures have definitely gone up and we should be close to normal by the end of the week.  Days are getting longer, we are changing the clocks this coming weekend.... I know I have said all of this before, but I hope if I keep saying it it will help me get over the Winter blahs.
So back to a quick look at my decorations.

Green shamrock tinsel wrapped on the railings are such great quality and have lasted several years, it is hard to believe I found it at a local dollar store; Yankee Dollar.  I am so sad they have closed them, the owner decided to retire and close instead of selling the small local chain.
Notice how I am not talking about the snow, just trying to ignore it, but sad to say that is just from two 12 inch snowfalls in February.  That is the only problem with living in an older city neighborhood; the snow piles up.  It is amazing how fast it will melt tho.
Okay, back the the decorations, windsocks from The Christmas Tree Shops and tinsel shamrock on the window.
Since I won't put the wicker out this year until at lease March 20th, I will leave the poinsettias out, I spruce them up with the little shamrock "lollipops".  Shamrock coir door mat and shamrock candle ring around the  light.
I love this garland around the front door, it is tinsel shamrock branches and glittery shamrocks on a stiff bendable wire.  I found it several years ago in the Lillian Vernon catalog.  Every once and a while a piece of tinsel flies off, I am so careful with it; I have not seen it in the catalog since I first purchased it.

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