Sunday, March 29, 2015


Some holidays get a little more, some a little less, it all depends on my mood.  I do tend to accumulate things, use them for a bit and then change direction.  But, I only throw the decorations away if they are damaged or overly worn.  I have some very cute things for Easter packed away, but I have not put them out in a few years.  My ultimate goal is to find some cute little store to sell them from.  But, for now they stay packed up safely just in case my taste change again.  And, of course as I shop I always find something new.  So, for this Easter I only put out a few of my favorites and some new additions.

A closer look at the wreath on the front door.  Every time I am out I see so many beautiful Easter wreaths, but I just love this little one.

And a new piece for the French door between the dinning room and the kitchen,
I put out these great wood eggs every year.  I always try to find a new way to use them.  This year I picked up some cute little clay pots at The Dollar Tree and the eggs fit perfectly.  So, this year they are scattered all around the house.
I have mentioned before a very favorite local chain closed recently; Yankee One Dollar.  I will admit the last year or two the selections of items had diminished; but it was always a go to store for unique holiday decorations.  These cute little bunny eggs are one of them.  They were in a pack of two and originally had ribbons so they could be used as ornaments. I carefully removed the ribbon and picked up the egg cups for just $1.00 at Pier 1 Imports. 
Another favorite idea, candle holders.  I always find really cute candle holders but I don't like to burn candles.  But, never able to pass by something I love, I find different ways to use them.  I picked these up at Pier 1 Imports and also grabbed a bag of papermache eggs in various sizes.  I just popped the eggs into the cup.
Pier 1 Imports also had these little egg filled nest that match, I put a few of them around the house too.
The wood eggs I have hung from the chandelier came in bunches from The Christmas Tree Shops.  I cut the cords and made loops.  I really love they are all different and I especially love the little gingham ribbons.
Of course then there are bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies.  Some from Pier 1 Imports.
This one filled with little decorated glitter eggs from The Christmas Tree Shops.
Some from The Dollar Tree.
This set, my favorite, is from Yankee One Dollar, of course.
And this guy from The Christmas Tree Shops.
Just a little less for Easter this year, but there is always next year.

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