Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The thing about St. Patrick's Day decorations is, everything is green.  But, at this point, that is perfectly fine with me.  The other thing, some of the decorations I find out there are frankly a bit "creepy."  I am not big on gnomes, fairies, trolls or little Lepercons.  Maybe it was all those years watching The Twilight Zone or reading Stephen King; but those kind of creatures just scare me.  So I am kind of limited with what I while decorate with.

Shamrocks are the safest bet.  Luckily I have found some really cute things.  For most holidays I try to find something to hang on the bedroom and bedroom closet doors.  I found the larger wreaths at The Dollar Store, believe it or not and the smaller ones are from The Christmas Tree Shops.

The french door between the dinning room and the kitchen gets a tinsel shamrock.
I found this potted shamrock bush at The Christmas Tree Shops years ago, it matches the candle ring I placed around the front porch light.  The petals have sparkles that look like dew.  I only bought the one and I could kick myself for not buying more.  And, a little glitter hat in the bowl.  Again, this is just a pack of bowl fillers and I have them scattered all over the house.
I love antique store and I always seem to find something that is just perfect.  I found these little bow tie decorative candles, there is no circa date on them, but I am guessing the 1960s.  I also found a package (still sealed) of St. Patrick's Day party hats.  I hung them off the dinning room chairs. 
A closer look at the candle, am I right?  too cute!  I was glade to find two.
It was a package of five, two of the hats were crushed and broken, but the other three were in great shape.  The coolest thing about them, each is a different print and shape.  The nested inside each other and the shapes changed as they went on.
Teddy bears are OKAY, since they are animals not "creepy creatures" they are perfectly acceptable.  Being a huge animal lover any fur person is perfect for decorating.
And The Little Bird Girl holds a few more glittery hats.
Shamrocks hang from the chandelier; each one is different.  I found them at The Christmas Tree Shops.
The shamrock vase on top of the cabinet is one of my favorites, another Christmas Tree Shops find.
I have several of these little potted shamrocks, again from The Christmas Tree Shops, each is different and I have one in each room.  The pots are topped with little green feathers.  I thought they were so cute, so a bought a bunch.  I always learn from my mistakes.
And, the little plastic hat in a pack of five from The Dollar Tree.  They have straps to be worn as party hats.  I carefully removed the strap and just scattered them around the house.  Again, I like those little subtle touches around the house.
Each colonnade gets the stone shamrock bookend.  Although they are bookends, they work as decoration too.
This pretty little shamrock box is from The Dollar Tree, and another hat.

Another favorite, a shamrock pillow on the back sun porch.
My other favorite decorating trick it holiday themed hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen.  They are so easy to find at The Dollar Tree and The Christmas Tree Shops, but I purchased them at Target and KMart as well.
As I have said time and time again, it does not require a lot of money or elaborate decorations to bring a festive feel to the home.

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