Monday, April 6, 2015


It was a nice quiet Easter Sunday.  Although a little windy and cool, the rain that was predicted stayed away and the sun stayed out longer than expected.  Easter baskets were opened and a very casual lunch was enjoyed.  And although it is Easter it is still a Sunday and the Sunday tradition is breakfast, the Sunday news paper and the CBS News Sunday Morning.  I tried something new for breakfast, cream cheese puffs.  Simply, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  I use the soft brick style cream cheese, but it probably would have been easier to use the cheese in the tub.  I wanted to buy the Laughing Cow Cream Cheese wedges, but the store was out.

It is as simple as separating the dough, placing a dollop of cream cheese on the widest end and carefully "knotting" it up.  I pulled up each side and then wrapped the long end around.  I baked as directed plus one minute longer, to compensate for the filling.

And with sliced strawberries on the side and a cup of Celestial Seasonings strawberry tea.
A very simple and casual lunch.  Lasagna with a simple salad, ham and sauteed veggies.
Since it is Easter and Easter comes with candy, no formal desert; the candy was the desert.
As I have mentioned before gifts are always a bit different around here.  So the baskets were opened.
The baskets unwrapped.
Bunny pasta!!!  I can't wait to make a fun, fresh summer pasta salad.
And some fun Nancy Drew gear.
A wallet bag and earring.
And a Nancy Drew pillow.
And since I love flip flops and earrings there are a few of those.  I know not your typical Easter Basket filler but as I said presents are always a bit different around here.  Of course there was a few bunny and one plush kitty.
Happy Easter.

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