Friday, April 3, 2015


The snow has finally melted and the yard clean up has started.  The furniture for the back yard and patio has not come out of hibernation yet, but hopefully Monday.  But things are definitely looking up; especially with all those Easter goodies.  Here is a quick look.

A beautiful and very fragrant Spring flower arrangement.  I love the simple glass vase and the Pussy Willows.  The lovely fragrance from the flowers fills the dinning room.

This is a fun Easter tradition, the Easter Butter Lamb.  I picked up this guy at The Church of St. Adlbert, on Crane Street in Schenectady.  The Nuns make them to raise funds for their community programs.  The Butter Lambs are pretty popular in western New York, especially Utica and Buffalo.  Can you believe the Nuns sell these for only $4.00; we handed the church secretary $20.00.  How could we not, look at how cute it is!  I plated it on this pretty Polish Pottery plate from The Christmas Tree Shops.
I love making Peep S'mores for all the holidays.  And, since there is a Peep for almost every holiday, why not.  And, I truly love when others hop on the "band wagon."  Several recipients loved this (very easy) idea and are trying it out for themselves.  One for the Easter dinner table; another, (a teacher) for her students and yet another to give out to family and friends. 
So many Peeps for Easter to choose from, but I thought the eggs were perfect.  I don't see them very often and I like the white.
Tied with a purple ribbon and all nestled in a pretty Easter basket.
There are many Easter pies and breads, but my favorite is Pizzaagaina (some call it Pizza Rustica or Pizza Chiena) which is Easter ham pie.  And there are as many recipe variations as there are names.  Other than my Mother's my favorite is from Cappiello's Food, on Broadway in Schenectady.  It is perfect any time of the day, but I really enjoy it for breakfast.
Of course I can not forget the ham.  I have to admit I love the Honey Baked Ham Store ham.  We generally buy it sliced by the pound.  I love it in a simple sandwich and for breakfast with eggs.  A whole ham is sometimes too much for our household so it is nice to be able to buy it sliced.
As I said the snow is gone and it has been getting warmer every day, but the nights are still cool and besides I love hot chocolate any time or the year; so bunny marshmallows are just perfect.
And last but not lease my favorite part of the holiday, the Easter Basket.  As far as I am concerned no one is too old for a basket.  It all comes down to the content.  I actually think a basket is a great way to deliver presents.  I always think about the raffle and door prize baskets we make for charity.  Who doesn't love breaking open a basket and pulling out all the goodies.
The contents will have to stay a mystery until Sunday. 
Happy Easter and happy Passover!

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