Wednesday, April 15, 2015


It was another beautiful Spring day, so it was a prefect day to head out and see some home town sights. 
As many know there are only three Howard Johnson's restaurants left in the country.  But pretty soon there will ONE!  The HoJo's in Lake Placid (NY) which is my favorite has closed.  The HoJo's in Bangor will close soon.  The last remaining is in Lake George (NY.)  The latter had closed over a year ago and just recently reopened by different management.  We had a HoJo's in Albany on Route 9W right across from the NYS Thruway exit 24 interchange.  We went there regularly for our HoJo's comfort food.  One trip we pulled up, got out of the car walked up to the door to be greeted by a sign, "Sorry Closed--Thank You For Your Business."  That was a sad drive home.

Our other favorite was the HoJo's in Times Square; every time we went to NYC we stopped at the HoJo's before heading home.  It was another heart breaking moment when it closed.

When in Lake Placid, with all the lovely restaurants we were always excited to visit HoJo's!  Now that too has closed.

So, why not head to Lake George and show our support to the last remaining restaurant.  Unfortunately it has lost it's magic.  Before it closed the last time we went there as often as we could and it was wonderful but this first visit with the new management didn't impress.  I will not make a habit of reviews on this blog (this will be the only one.)  If I did not enjoy something I will not write negatively, I will just not write.  With that said, I will just say, this was just a diner set in a HoJo's building, not a HoJo's.

But since the building still exist (to this point) but for how long (?) here is a quick look.  The poor battered sign.

My favorite part, the iconic weather vane on the famous orange roof.
This maybe one last look.
Now Lake George Village is seasonal but hopefully with the current construction of a Marriott; that will be open year round, that will change.  But, since I have my fill of souvenirs there is no need to visit the many shops; we are here to see the lake.  Plus, there is something wonderful about strolling around a tourist village with out the tourist.  So quiet, just the locals and the beautiful lake and mountains.  So we head down through Shepard Park to the lake.
The boats in the distance.  And you can see a peek of Fort William Henry.
Looking north on this bright sunny day.
This cute "minnie" Price Chopper has been there for years.  There are much bigger stores just up the road in Queensbury and Glens Falls, but it is wonderful that this little village gem remains.
There are several quaint little churches tucked together just off the main drag.

Around the the southern most point of the lake, looking north.
And we are in the Adirondacks after all so you would expect to see a little snow.  Can you make out the mound right at the edge of the water?
The Minne-Ha-Ha paddle wheel.  She is one of the last steam powered paddle wheels left in the United States!
And the Lac du St Sacrement is the largest cruise ship on inland waters in NYS.
After a lovely day of strolling along the lake and beaches; wondering the streets of the quiet village and window shopping we get ready to head home.  We choose the very scenic Route 9 in lieu of the North Way.  Once we get back into the city we decide to make a quick stop at Perraca's for a couple of slices of their tomato pie.  A perfect snack for tonight.
So home we go to enjoy the nice clear cool Spring night after the nice bright warm Spring day.

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