Monday, April 20, 2015


Well it is Monday and it is going to be a rainy day.  We are in a small rain deficit so we do need it; the house chores are done and except for my Spring planting, my yard work is caught up.  So, having a lazy rainy day sounds just right.

The other day I DVR'ed a movie I can easily say I have not seen in at lease 25 years; DUEL.  It was directed by a very young Steven Spielberg, written by one of my favorite story tellers Richard Matheson and starring Dennis Weaver.  So after a nice hot shower and some quick morning chores I decided on something different for breakfast.

Crepes stuffed with cream cheese covered with maple syrup with a side of bacon.  I added Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spice tea.  I use soft Philadelphia Cream Cheese and I roll up the crepes (tucking up one end first.)  Then I heat them up a bit to crisp up the crepes and lightly melt the cream cheese.

After a relaxing breakfast, reading the paper and listening to the rain fall I decided the smell of baking bread would be perfect.  I chose a french bread mix from The Prepared Pantry.  It didn't take long for the wonderful scent of warm bread to fill the house.
I love my Emeril Laggase Bread Machine by T-Fal, but I have to remember to spray the bread pan with cooking spray.  It can be a little difficult to get the bread out because the removable paddles tend to stay in the bread.  When I remember to spray the paddles and the pan the bread slides out easier.
I made a 2 lbs loaf and I used the darkest setting to get a nice crispy crust. 
For and easy lunch while I watch the movie, noodles, chicken, green peas and Parmesan cheese.
I grilled up a pre-cooked frozen chicken while I cook the noodles.  I drain and rinse the sweet green peas and add them to the noodle just before they are done.  Then I add in a little bit of butter, the grilled chicken and cheese.
And the prefect use for the fresh warm french bread, a quick and easy caprese toast.  I slice the bread thin and top it with mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes.  I pop them in the toaster oven on lightly greased tin foil and bake it until the cheese is melted.
And finish everything off with Bigelow Cranberry Hibiscus Tea.
And what is the perfect desert for a rainy Spring afternoon you ask?
Girl Scout Cookies.
I think today is a Thin Mint kind of day. 
Who doesn't love Girl Scout Cookie Season!
After lunch was made time to start up the movie.  I remember seeing DUEL years ago, but forgot how good it was.  Sometimes it is good to have a lazy rainy day.

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