Friday, May 1, 2015


My flowers have been in for a week and they are going strong.  I have been told I should not plant my flowers so early; you can't plant flowers in April; don't you think it is too early to plant flowers.  But, every year at the last or second to last week of April (if the flowers are available) I plant.

My annuals are all potted and many of them are close to the house.  Also, I live with in the city and even tho it gets cold, the temperatures don't tend to "bottom out" too easily.  And, if they can sit at a nursery or garden center out in the cold, they can sit in pots at my house.

I prefer to buy my flowers as soon as they arrive, not that the stores don't water them and care for them, but I will care for them better.  I prefer to plant them before they get to pot dependent.  And I like to plant them while it is still cool so they have some good growth before the really warm weather starts.  I also choose hearty, cold tolerant breeds.

Every year I think I am going to reinvent the wheel by trying to think out of the box and try new flowers and combinations; but this year I went back to basics.  Petunias, Geraniums, Marigolds and Inpatients.

It was a little cool when I planted them but they did well and this last week the sun was strong and it warmed up a bit and they really blossomed (pardon the pun.)  Here is a look at the flowers (last week) after I planted them.

My favorite color scheme is red, white, blue and yellow.  And, I spice it up with a few red, purple and yellow pots.  The pots in front of the porch.  These pots are made from recycled tires.  I have had them for years, I bought them at JoAnn's.  Each has a different pattern and they are starting to show some age, but I prefer the aged-weathered look.

On the stairs, my favorite Terra Cotta pots, from Ocean State Job Lot filled with white Geraniums and Petunias.  My pumpkins stay out (of course) and they are joined by the little painted Terra Cotta fish.  Once the Petunias start to trail over the sides they will create a nice soft look
The railings get plain Terra Cotta pots set in black holders.  Simple vines and white Petunias.  Again once the vines and Petunias grow and flow down the railing it will create a nice softness against the iron railing.
A combination of yellow Marigolds and white Petunias in the window box planter.
Terra Cotta pots set in two "faux" watering cans at the front door, along with a hand painted Terra Cotta pot from Spain.
I found this "faux" Terra Cotta pot at The Home Depot; it has a lovely scalloped edge. 
The porch and front yard are finished off with nautical, coastal, cat and other whimsical accessories.
Heading to the back is a simple little pot filled with a spike and red Petunias.
The pots along the garage side walk are still waiting for Inpatients.  But I used this location for my red, purple and yellow combination,
On the other side, an old teak chair with yet another Terra Cotta filled pot.  The perennials are just starting to poke through the ground in the boxes on each side of the pool gate.
Pots around the patio and along the fence in red, white, blue and yellow.
The potting area and back stair get touched by flowers, and another old teak chair with a pot. 
Fun new coir mats for the two back doors.
And the back yard is accessorized with more nautical, coastal and cat whimsy. 
It is very clear my home and property are not "perfect and new."  My home was built in the '20s and parts of my property has seen better days (I am sure.)  But all it takes is love and care and a little creativity to make any home beautiful.  I keep my property very neat and clean and make sure it is always well appointed, so it is easy for me to overlook the faults. 
A Realtor once said, about a 100 year old house that had some sagging, "you would sag too if you were 100 years old."
 Many people want new, new, new and for them that is fine, but I will keep my old girl and do what I can to keep her looking her best.


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