Thursday, May 21, 2015


I call my blog Little Bungalow Life, and with the one year anniversary of my blog quickly approaching; I decided to start creating some post just about my little bungalow.

Because my home is small by some standards, 1250 square feet of living space, every inch is utilized.  I an starting with the front porch.  I LOVE having a front porch, especially an open front porch.  Some homes in my neighborhood have enclosed front porches (and that has it points too) but I love the quaintness of an open front porch.  And since I have a small and cozy enclosed back porch I have the best of both worlds.

The porch was modified before I purchased the home and the iron work is not original but I love it.  I feel it gives the house such a cozy cottage look.  The iron work has such a unique pattern; it has eagle silhouettes.
And I love the character of the bay for the front windows.

I am not sure if you can see the eagles, click on the photo to enlarge it.
My wicker is natural wicker and is a bit older and showing some age, but that is why I love it.  I just replace the cushions every few years.  I have the settee and chairs all at angles for a more relaxed look
And I always like to go against the grain anyway..
Red, white and blue is my favorite combination and I love coastal and cat decor.
There is nothing better than sitting on the porch with a cup of tea on a quiet night.
I have to rant one minute if you would indulge me.  One of our weather men has an annoying habit of giving planting advice.  Now first you need to know he lives in one of our hill towns in Albany County; so it can be a little colder up there.  But I live with in the city and I always plant cold tolerant flowers.  I have been in this home for exactly 20 years as of May 1 and I have always planted around the last week of April.  He is trying to convince people not to plant until after Memorial Day.  REALLY?
I am not going to wait until June for flowers.  But everyone is allowed their own opinion.  So after a month from planting here is a look at how my front yard flowers are doing.
The Petunias are kind of hiding the Geraniums but they will fill up too.  The little fish are a Dollar Tree find.
The little faux watering cans are a bit sheltered from the sun, so the flowers here take a little longer to fill out.
The flowers along the front are doing great, I always chose the red, white, blue and yellow theme.
But they will really fill in and add great color right up through November.
The spikes in the pots at each end are moving slow this year, but they do grow well and I can usually keep them right through the Winter.  But as soon as we get any serious snow they will break.
My Dad made these pots years ago when I was very young.  They still look great and have just a hint of moss growing on them, perfect.
And for my feather visitors (and of course for the cats)...
I added the little bird, again from the Dollar Tree, the pineapple bird house is from the Christmas Tree Shops.
Another Christmas Tree Shops find.
I have had these Finch feeders forever, the Nyger seed attracts both House Finches and Gold Finches.  The girls love it.
And every year the Chickadees make this house there home.

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