Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The short (and much too early) hot streak that settled in over us broke last night, woohoo!  I am not complaining but, 87 degrees and 75% humidity is too much for me in May.  So, since it was a beautiful mid-Spring day; we decided to head to the impressive NY State Capital building to see the Abraham Lincoln Funeral exhibit.

This great exhibit was installed to open on the anniversary date the Funeral Train for President Lincoln came into Albany.  The President laid in state in the Assembly Chamber for viewing.
One of our local News channels created a wonderful story on the exhibit, the video of the story is posted on the page.  It really is worth watching.
When you enter the exhibit the first piece is the flag that was made in the Capital District to cover the President's casket.

It is in amazing shape.  It remained in private collection until 1930 and was examined by flag preservationist in 2014.  But it hardly shows any ageing at all.
The rest of the exhibit focus on the trains procession through New York State.  There is an installment for each NY city the train passed through or stopped in.  I focused on the Capital District.
The map shows the trains route and it did pass through Schenectady before heading west.
And the final installation is on the Funeral Train.  There are multiple cases with artifacts which includes mourning bands and rosettes, programs, a piece of the dress worn by Laura Keene as she held the President, a draft of the Emancipation Proclamation and several other items that commemorate the events that unfolded in Albany during this tragic time.
Again, check out the link above, it offers a great view of the artifacts and gives a great deal on information on the items in the collection.
Before leaving the exhibit we picked up two great publications, one by the National Park Service and one by the I Love NY office.  The National Park book covers President Lincoln's life, assassination and the funeral journey.
After the exhibit we stopped at the Empire State Farmer's Market on the Plaza.
Then it was off to lunch and a quick stop at Huck Finns' Warehouse & more.  This is such a fun store to walk around.
The business recently acquired Hoffman's Playland that was a Latham tradition for many, many years.  The owners chose to close it and Huck Finn's decided to save it and move it.
Huck Finn's Playland will open soon and construction is progressing.
Several of the unique vintage carnival games have been set up inside the warehouse but they were not open today, boohoo.  I was hoping to play some.
Homeward bound!



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