Friday, May 29, 2015


I mentioned earlier in my blog that I live in (by some standards) a small house.  It is 1250 sq ft vintage bungalow with a postage stamp yard.  But when this house was built in the 1920's it was built to raise a family; and it did.  I will never criticize the homes others buy; but some feel it acceptable to criticize those who choose to live in a (by some standards) a small home.  I have lived in my home for 20 years, and like many people, have accumulated many things.  But, my home is not cluttered and everything has a purpose and a place.  Proper storage, keeping the house tidy and only owning things that mean something or that I really love keeps things under control.

When I was house shopping there were several things I told my Realtor were important to me; one was a foyer.  I didn't like the houses that had front doors that opened right into the living room.  I like the idea of that little bit of privacy separation.

The previous owners were only the second owners and like the original owners did not modify the home  much; and that is a good thing!  This beautiful beveled glass solid oak craftsman door could never be replicated.  I love this coastal wreath from Pier 1 Imports.

That mirror is also original and built in.  The glass is definitely showing it's age, but the age blemishes  make it that much better.  I had it painted sage and I found the fun wall paper cats at AC Moore; I also added some metallic stenciling around the frame.
The rug in the foyer is from The Christmas Tree Shops; I have been lucky enough to have always found the prefect cat rug at CTS.
Concord Grapes are one of my favorite fruits and so very American; developed in 1849 in Concord, MA, you can't get more American than that.  The only light fixture I had to change was the one in the entry.  The glass was missing and I could not find one to match but I found this very unique grape fixture.  The iron piece is actually a porch bracket.
The previous owners left this great 1950's book case behind and since it fits great, it stayed.  Filled with some favorite coffee table books, photos and favorite keepsakes; it is topped with a couple of lanterns.  Above a framed copy of the Constitution.
In the entry a wonderful framed architectural sketch of my home.  It was created by a wonderful young architect.
One of my many favorite parts of my home is the front bayed wall and the stained glass window (one of three.)  I prefer natural blinds in my home, no plastic mini blinds here; covered with simple ivory shears that are tied back by grape curtain ties.
My furniture is a warm and cozy chocolate brown microfiber.  Again the room is small so I chose the love seat and club chair.
The rug is wool and has all the colors of the living room and dinning room.  And the little coffee table is an old ottoman with the cushion removed and then covered in chocolate brown "pleather."
The Woolworth's pillow was found at one of our local Woolworths' just before the chain closed.  That was a very sad day; I loved my Woolworth's and miss them very much.  The welcome home pillow was picked up in a favorite and often visited Northampton, MA.
Behind the love seat I have a very rustically built console table with a vintage style stereo, more books and keepsakes and my Degas' Little Dancer.  Another (of the three) stained glass windows simply topped with some raffia wrapped branches.
On each side of the window I placed little shelves with some collectible cats.  The walls in the living room and dinning room are Benjamin Moore Lemon Chiffon with white woodwork; I was lucky to find the little shelves painted to exactly match the woodwork at Target.
In the kitty's corner I have this old hand painted fire place screen.
This fire place console is perfect to hold many of my beloved cozy mysteries and some other wonderful keepsakes and photos.
This little stool was a favorite find in Sturbridge, MA.
The majority of the wall art in my home has been purchased on trips.  The art above the fireplace is from Salem and Gloucester, MA and Savannah, GA.
This side table is a trunk (the larger matching truck is next to the love seat) from Speigel Catalog.  I have had them for about 22 years.  The are covered in a global print fabric with (nicely aging) brass hardware.  They are perfect for storage and they again are very unique. 
I have an overhead light, but prefer the lighting that comes from lamps in the living room.  A wicker lamp, a glass globe lamp and my favorite a pineapple lamp create the perfect cozy mood.
The last piece is the banana leaf woven chair from Pier 1 Imports.
My girls have their window seats at both of the side windows, Thora is not very happy about being disturbed.  Dharma is camera shy I guess.  Thora cuddled up with her doll.


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