Wednesday, June 3, 2015



We headed to the New York State Legislative Office Building for the 5th annual Animal Advocacy Day.  It is a day to raise awareness and lobby the state legislature to write, pass and improve laws that protect the animal residents of New York State.

The event takes place in The Well of the LOB and is sponsored by three members of our state's legislature.  But luckily many members of both the senate and assembly love and support our states animal residents.  And here in the Capital District animals have a tremendous amount of support.
The Well was filled with rescue, advocate and welfare groups; many of who are responsible for current and anticipated legislation that will offer more protection to NYS Animal Residents.
It was a wonderful turn out, the floor was full and the crowd spread out up the stairs; and the walls were lined by booths.  There were at lease 2 dozen booths.
The Emcee for the day was a local meteorologist Steve Caporizzo, who has hosted Pet Connection on WTEN for 25 years.  Pet Connection has helped hundreds of animals find families.
There were several speakers, proclamations and one announcement that a bill to rescue and protect animals used in laboratory experiments passed today 60-0!  But, there are still many bills awaiting a vote.  One to protect retired race horses and another to create a state wide registry of those convicted of animal abuse.  And then there is taking the animal protection laws out of the Ag and Markets laws and put them in the Penal Law to make arrests and prosecution easier.  Also, to make more crimes felonies and increase the punishment of other crimes.
An there were many local animal celebrities in attendance.  They are the faces of animal advocacy.  How could you not support these laws after seeing these brave fur people.
Yes that is a pony in the LOB, that's Fritz! 
And there was one very pretty Angora kitty in a baby sling with her mom!  Of all my girls, Six would have been the only one that would have gone for this.  Blossom, Dharma and Thora would have said thanks but no thanks Mommy.  And Tieling would have just said, "yeah right, oh Please!"
Of course Tie thought she was a short furry human and would have expected to be one of the honored guests!
And the one of the last project of the day was to take a group photo on the stairs for all those in attendance.  The final project LOBBY!  Convince the legislature we need this to happen.
Remember the measure of a society is how it treats it's weakest members.  And, we are obligated to speak for those who can not speak for themselves.


  1. What a great event. Wtih all the negativity surrounding politicians it is nice to see some good. Maybe they do have a a human side after all. All states should have such a great lobby day.

  2. It's great to see animals getting a voice.