Monday, June 15, 2015


Sorry Karen, but rainy days and Mondays never get me down.  Yes, because of being retired, everyday is Saturday, so Mondays don't cause the same stress they did before; and I love a cloudy rainy day once in a while.  It rained all night and the rain stopped falling by 9:00 a.m. but the clouds remained.  Instead of hanging around the house, we headed to another local lake for a little lunch at   Brown's Beach which for years had been closed.

This beautiful public access beach opened in the 1800s, but was sold to a developer who wanted to build houses (boo! hiss! boo!)  Fortunately this never happened, but unfortunately the developer retained the property and it sat there deteriorating for years.  The town of Stillwater wanted to buy the land and reopen it as a (truly) public beach.  So with financial help from Global Foundries and NYSERDA the town was able to purchase the land.  Two longtime local businesses were granted long term contracts to run the restaurant, inn, snack shop, pavilion and marina.  After MAJOR restoration and renovations it is almost there. 

The restaurant Dock Brown's is open and we headed there for lunch.  Do to the soggy weather we sat inside; but we still had a lovely view of the lake.  The Nest  is the inn at Saratoga Lake and has just recently opened for guest.  We are planning an overnight there this Fall.

The deck is completely new and quite large.  We can't wait for a drier day to try it out.  But lunch was wonderful none-the-less.  Since it was cool we enjoyed french onion soup, grilled chicken sandwich with cheddar, a porkchop sandwich with tobacco onions and a side of homemade mac salad.
The beautiful lake, beach and park.  The future holds a permanent pavilion, beach bar, cabanas and rest rooms with showers and changing stalls.  There will also be a full service marina that also offers snowmobile repair.  Saratoga lake is popular in the winter for ice racing and ice fishing.
And since there is still much work to be done and active construction, we overlook the orange cones and barricades.  Remember it takes a lot to be beautiful.
We have had a lot of rain recently so the beach is a bit messy.  And it was closed today do to the weather and potential storms.
They are adding lovely stone paths to lead around the grounds.
These fun giant Adirondack Chairs were installed for the grand opening and those who attended were asked to add their hand prints.
Homeward bound with a quick stop at a Dollar Tree.  And since it is going to be a cool damp night, we will settle in with some tea and popcorn infront of a fire to watch DEVIOUS MAIDS and  UNREAL.

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