Sunday, June 21, 2015


Since today is the Summer Solstice, I decided to fast forward out to the other outdoor room in my home; my back yard.  Like my front yard, my back yard is a small city yard; but I maximize it as much as I can.  And, to repeat myself, there are many things about my home that are not new and perfect (like so many other homes,) but keeping things neat, tidy with tons of personal touches can make a world of difference.

I can't say enough about fences, and although my yard is small, the fence actually makes it seem bigger.  Unfortunately the fence I had installed only encloses two sides of my yard.  The fence on the third side is not the best, but I try to camouflage it with flowers and some coastal decor.  The four little pine trees mixed in with the Lilies were just tiny little twigs that my credit union gave out on Earth Day several years ago.  Once the are a bit bigger I will have them root balled into burlap and I will donate them to the Saratoga National Cemetery.

Inpatients do well along the sidewalk to the garage pass through door.  A hanging basket, a coordinating pot and more coastal and some patriotic decor on the back fence and garage.  Color and personality in every corner.
The potting table is not only useful, it is a perfect place to add a little more style to the yard.  An old teak patio chair holds a pot; and flowers, flowers and more flowers.
The patio is small but there is just enough room to a black iron set and cedar Adirondack Chairs.  The red iron table between the chairs is a plant stand.  The red matches the umbrella perfectly.  I prefer umbrellas with teak poles and cord pulleys.  It does not tilt but it is much more stylish than those with metal poles.  The chiminea only holds candles.  The timber boxes around the patio are filled with wild Pansies.  The boxes follow up to the lower back door and Terra cotta pots and hanging baskets with my favorite combination of red, white and blue.
Pillows and cushions are a must, it softens the furniture and makes the the outdoors feel more like an extension of the house.  And like inside my home, I love to have as many textures as possible.
I was not able to  install a traditional pool due to code requirements, but I found this alternative.
EZ Pools Portable Swimming Pools offered a great solution.  They come in many sizes, I did choose one of the smaller sizes, it is perfect to just climb in and cool off.  Since we really only have 12 maybe 14 weeks to swim, this is just enough.  Since I  have black iron on my home, the fence (purely decorative,) the plant hooks and garden lights are all black iron.  And I like how the black iron looks with the weathered wood of the fence and timbers.  The pool area gets a few teak chairs, and of course more pillows.  I found the cedar runners to make a perfect walk way for the pool.
Yellow lillies soften the fence and sea shells and a little ceramic bucket for that personality I love.
Another old teak chair as a planter.  Below a cat bird feeder.
My favorite shell planter.
The yard is small and the two car garage takes up a great deal of space (but I wouldn't live with out my garage!)  But all it takes is a little work to make it feel cozy and homey.  I spend so much time in the yard from March right through November.  Out door space was a priority for me on my house hunt; and this is just enough.

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