Sunday, June 7, 2015


In the cold weather months food can be warming and comforting; but there is something about the warm weather foods.  Spring, Summer and Fall foods seem so much more fitting with the seasons.  Each of the warm weather months really has it's own feelings, scents and taste. 

Thursday was a cool and cloudy day, a perfect day to cut the grass and get some yard work done.  And although it was a bit too chilly to go in the pool it was a prefect day to relax outside with a good book.  But first lunch; hearts of romaine, grilled chicken, strawberries, goat cheese and balsamic dressing.  I love the Purdue grilled chicken strips, easy to just grill it up.  And, yes I know it is easy to make my own salad dressing, I see no harm in taking a few short cuts here and there.  I am a big fan of Newman's Own dressings (and the profits go to charities--including animal charities.)  I also love Cape Cod salad dressings.  So yes, I use frozen grilled chicken and pre-bottled salad dressing.

A nice hearty size salad, a tall glass of sweet tea and a good mystery; the perfect way to while away a Summer afternoon.

I found this cute Popsicle set at The Christmas Tree Shops, how could I pass it up.  I picked up a few flavors of the Minute Maid Water Enhancer Drops; they are perfect for homemade Popsicles.
Fruit Punch.
I also picked up this cute jug, perfect for my favorite Summer drink, pink lemonade.
One of my favorite salads for Summer is chick peas, black olives, grape tomatoes, feta cheese with an old world Greek dressing.
The salad serving set is from The Dollar Tree!  They had two styles, I bought both, why not?
I prefer the tomatoes and olives halved, unfortunately I only have whole olives.  I will be slicing for a while.
A little green onion for zing.
And my favorite cheese, feta.
Into the fridge to set and chill.  I do wash the chick peas, and black olives with cold water in a colander, but this is such a quick salad to keep in the fridge.
When Jolly Time Popcorn had it's 100th birthday the ad showed the old fashion cardboard containers.  Do you remember them?  To open them you had to pull the string and tear the paper to pull off the top.  Hoping they did truly make the vintage containers for the anniversary I looked every where.  I finally found them in BigLots.  Minus the strip and replaced with a pull tab; but that is okay.  I love to rekindle the memories.
Sunday mornings are all about the Sunday paper and the CBS Sunday Morning Show with a hearty breakfast.  This morning I tried something a little different with my crescent roll ups.  I used prosciutto and sharp provolone cheese.  And it is perfect with a side of melon.
I think the main reason I take some short cuts, is because I am NEVER cooking for an army.  Sometimes just keeping things is hard; I hate to throw away and waste food.  For example corn, like many markets, Price Chopper has pre-cleaned corn on the cob packaged for 4.  Quick and easy.  I love them on the grill.  But, I am not comfortable with maintaining and using a gas grill.  Again, I never feed an army.  So I bought the Char-Broil electric infrared grill.  Believe it or not it really gives a great grill taste.  And it cooks the food more evenly with out drying it out.
But since I didn't feel like going through the fuss of setting up the grill for a couple of ears of corn I just grilled it in the house.
I remove the husk and silk and wash it well, then I coat it with butter and wrap it in foil.  I prefer Cabot Creamery Butter.  A visit to Cabot Creamery when you are in Vermont is a MUST!
I used the NewWave Oven and in 15 minutes I had sweet, crispy, juicy corn.
Corn for lunch!


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