Sunday, July 26, 2015


Since we went away for an overnight Wednesday into Thursday, I chose to stay home Friday and relax in the back yard, read and sip some ice cold sweet tea.  And it was a beautiful day, just the right temperature and a nice mix of sun and clouds.  The pool water was refreshing and comfortable.  The book I was reading and finished was DIVA STEALS A CHOCOLATE KISS by Krista Davis from her Domestic Diva Mysteries. 

When I started this series I started it out of order with DIVA HAUNTS THE HOUSE, a Halloween theme mystery.  And since I thoroughly enjoyed it I quickly picked up the first four books in the series to catch up.  Although I prefer to start a series from the beginning, sometimes if I am not sure if the series is right for me I start with a Halloween or Fall theme mystery if one is available. 
In this story, Sophie, an event planner, is tasked with helping a local family owned candy company celebrate a milestone.  As always Krista adds interesting new characters that are integral to the plot but holds on to the regular characters.  And, Olde Town Alexandria plays an important part of the story, with all the running around the darkened streets and back alleys.  Olde Town is the type of city just right for a mystery.  Holidays and seasons also play a big part in the story, this being set in Summer.    What I really love is she always includes Sophie's Mochie and Daisey as well as other fur characters in every story. 
Like all of the books in this series it was hard to put down once I started reading.  She is great at ending the chapters with cliff hangers and the chapters are short so I keep reading "one more chapter" until (before I know it) I am half way through the book.  Krista is also good at creating multiple mysteries that intertwine and it always seems everyone has a story or secret.  There are always very viable multiple suspects and every time I thought I had it figured out I found another twist.  There were multiple murders, jilted lovers, missing people, family feuds and a whole lot of chocolate.
The relationship she creates among the regular characters seems genuine and the characters interact realistically.  Although I do have one complaint; Sophie, who is divorced from Mars (who is still a good friend) has had a relationship with Wolfe (a local detective and regular character.)  But now is in a relationship with an attorney, we met a few stories ago.  That is fine, but there is just too much "juvenile" jealousy and "pining" for my taste.  Although I don't remember if actual ages were ever reveled, my best guess they are in there early 40's.  I wish this kind of story line was toned down a bit.
But, a minor complaint aside, I love this series, it is smart and witty and has all the elements I need for a great mystery.

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