Thursday, July 16, 2015


Two glorious days home, perfect weather, pool side with a wonderful book.
Even tho I love to be out and about and we always have a great time; there is something to be said about just "hanging" around the house.  And the weather was perfect, no humidity, low dew point and highs of 78 degrees.  So, I spent both days in my bathing suit, with my ice tea and A TALE OF TWO BIDDIES, the second of the League of Literary Ladies Mysteries by Kylie Logan.

I don't know if I can clearly explain how much I love this series.  First the titles: the play on words of titles of classic literature and how she ties the classic stories into her mysteries.  The characters are wonderful, I would want to know each one of these ladies; I want to be a part of this book group.  They are wonderful friends and although they are all so different they compliment each other nicely.  And the characters she creates for the story are always very diverse.  The setting is lovely, there is something about an island that just screams mystery.  And, especially in A TALE OF TWO BIDDIES, all the back and side stories.  The mystery is so well crafted with so many twists and turns you keep guessing right up to the end.  I did figure out a couple things during my reading, but I am going to tell you, she really had me at the end of this one!  I was not expecting the ending Kylie delivered! 
And it is a very witty series, I love a little humor, but it is not too much so it takes away from the mystery.
In this story the ladies chose to read a Tale of Two Cities and the island is having a Bastille Day celebration.  There are Charles Dickens impersonators, an aging 1980's "re imagined" boy band, aging groupies, secrets, lies and of course a murder.  And all of these things work together. 
I can't wait to see what Kylie Logan has in store for me next.

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