Friday, July 3, 2015


Happy Independence Day!  Happy Birthday USA!  A peek at the decorations for one of my favorite holidays.  My house dressed up in red, white and blue.  Luckily I tend to use that color combination a lot, so it doesn't take much.

The ground it a little wet, the day I took the photos I was sitting out in the backyard and it was raining a little; but doesn't the rain make everything look so lush?

I found this cute yard sign at K-Mart last year.  I have to tie it to the Sheppard's hook so it doesn't lean; it is a little top heavy. 
The heart plaques on the windows are from the Dollar Tree as are the little patriotic heart pics in the pots.
Instead of changing all the wreaths I just add the little velvet bows from the Dollar Tree.
The railing get swagged bunting I purchased from Oriental Trading Co..  The tinsel around the door is from Dollar Tree and I "beefed" it up with some more velvet bows.

Larger Dollar Tree bows and the bunting is amazing.  They are such good quality and very long; I was able to cut one in half to span two railings.  I purchased 4 and only needed two, so I keep the others stored away until I need them,  And they were very well priced, I am so happy with them.
The little velvet bows are such an easy way to add holiday spirit.
The Uncle Sam Hat yard stake in a pot by the garage.
Bows on the fence.
Tinsel hats from the Dollar Tree.
On a side note, I decided to head back to Lowe's and get the matching shorter plant stand as a second table.  Since they are so small having one for each chair is more practical and I like how they look.
More bows, they are so easy and inexpensive.
I don't go too crazy inside, I stick to decorating the main three rooms; the living room, dinning room and kitchen.
The little USA sign is from Target. And the plush apple from The Christmas Tree Shops.
The Uncle Sam from Pier 1 Imports.
Another plush apple, I really love these.
As with every holiday the dinning room seems to get the most spirit.
The stars on the chandelier were part of a garland; I cut them apart and used raffia to hang them.
Pier 1 Import pom poms and the little Uncle Sam is from The Christmas Tree Shops.
I bought the hats from the Dollar Tree, not sure how I would use them; but I like them on the chairs.
I love these stars, they are from the Dollar Tree and are actually votive holders.  They were is two packs of red, white and blue.  I bought two packs of each color, pair them and stood them up.  A perfect and unique decoration.
I LOVE this bird, I was so mad The Christmas Tree Shop only had one. 
Fun fire crackers from Pier 1 Imports, and a little Dollar Store bear.
This patriotic wood heart is another Christmas Tree Shop treasure.
Another fire cracker in the kitchen.
I have a bunch of these little hats, there were six, two of each.  The little birds on top are so cute.  I have then spread out through the three rooms.
A metal Uncle Sam on the stove.
And the other set of stars.
Not as much as I do for other holidays, but just enough to add some red, white and blue spirit for our Nation's birthday.

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