Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I love the change of seasons, I love Fall, Spring, Summer and I tolerate Winter; but the warm weather seasons just make life so much easier.  And the warm weather seasons always make taking those much loved and enjoyed get-a-ways and day trips so special. 

We chose to head south again, this time to Columbia County.    There are several ways to get there, but my preference is US Route 9.  Route 9, in New York stretches from NYC to the Canadian border.  We use it pretty regularly.  Taking Route 9 takes a bit longer, but it is worth it.  We headed to the city of Hudson for a little antique shopping and lunch.  Hudson lies along the Hudson River and like the majority of cities along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers is accessible by Amtrak.  The station is about a half mile to Warren Street (the main drag so to speak.)  Warren Street starts right at the town park and extends down to the train tracks.  And a set of tracks passes right through the city.

AnimalKind is a wonderful organization that works towards the protection and welfare of abandoned, feral and stray kitties.  The building is in a prime space right at the entry to downtown Hudson, as it should be, and is very well respected.  And what a beautiful building for those wonderful kitties.  All animal lives matter.
Hudson is full of wonderful architecture.  And much of the buildings are occupied by wonderful antique stores.  These stores have really turned this city around.  There are also wonderful restaurants and a few staple stores, like this vintage hardware store.
There is such a variety of styles from Federal to Victorian to Colonial; and there are several beautiful churches.  And when you are walking down Warren Street you can see the Catskill Mountains across the Hudson; it really is a lovely place.
We chose American Glory   for lunch.  It is in an old Fire House.  They retained the beautiful tin ceiling and original banister that leads upstairs.  It was a single apparatus station so it is long and narrow with brick walls and concrete floors.  And the food is spectacular.
Since it was a nice cool day we sat outside on the patio.  They make the best southern fired pickles.  The menu is a full of wonderfully delicious comfort food.  And outside the restaurant was a wonderful potted Smoke Bush.
After we finished in the shops we just stopped down by the river before heading north.  The river hosts a park, boat launch and mariana.  There is a sight seeing cruise that leaves from Hudson.
A tall ship docked at the marina.
There are several light houses on along the Hudson River.
On our way back north on Route 9 we stopped at our favorite orchard;  Golden Harvest Orchards. 
Unlike some other orchards in the Capital Region, this is open year round, they have started making spirits using their apples.  They make the best baked goods.  We go there just as they were baking and the whole stand smelled of pies and donuts.
I picked up some apple cider and sugared apple cider donuts.
At the gourmet market is Hudson I picked up some cookies and chestnuts.
I found new felted mice for the girls at the gift boutique.  They are filled with beads and bells and Thora loves them.  Dharma thinks they are just okay.
And I found this cute Albany Times Union news print tote and a great D.C. souvenir plate.
The clouds are thickening up and rain is in the forecast, so homeward bound.  After a jump in the pool to wash off the day, a little tea to go with my donuts, which I love to toast; just enough to caramelize the sugar.  Then settle in for the night.


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