Sunday, July 19, 2015


On Friday we had some errands to run and decided to also head into Albany to check out The Plaza at 50 exhibit at the NYS Museum. 

And we wanted to see what new souvenirs were available at the museums gift shop and the Empire State Plaza gift shop.  The exhibit at the NYS Museum is small but it does tell the story of Nelson Rockefeller's dream that became and amazing reality.
The city of Albany diorama is back in the entrance and framed by the story of the plaza.
And on all the pillars are photos, this one of Governor Rockefeller during construction.
The Plaza at 50 exhibit greets you as you first enter the museum gallery and Andy Warhol's painting of Rocky. 
Then the story of the plaza from sketches and renderings, to construction, to completion, to today.
The museum is going through an amazing and long over due renovation, so the store didn't offer much but we headed to the plaza visitor center gift shop and I was thrilled to see they made a mug of my favorite graphic.  We also picked up at plaza at 50 magnet and a cute little book.
"what came first the chicken or the egg."
For lunch we took the short walk down State Street to Capital Melts for a bag lunch to take back to the plaza.  Even on a warm day the plaza acts as a wind tunnel and there is always a nice breeze.  We found a table under the shade of the Egg. 
I chose the bbq chicken grilled cheese with a side of potato nuggets and a sweet tea.
After lunch we headed back under ground to the car and then out of Albany.  While running errands we decided to hit a few favorite stores and I am so glad we did.  We stopped at BigLots and they still had some fun 4th of July decorations and they were 75% off.  These cute metal firecrackers would have been $30.00 but I got them for $7.50.  And I had seen this solar cat light at the market and didn't pick it up.  BigLots had only 2 left so one came home with me.
I can't wait to put these out next year.
And this little guy is already on the front porch.
Since it was a Friday night and they were calling for some rain, we stopped and picked up pizza to go and headed home.  A quick jump in the pool to wash off the day and as usual time to settle in for the night.

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