Friday, July 10, 2015


Small home living (1200 sq ft) means every room is small.  But, if done right you can be surprised at how much you can fit in comfortably.  Some people feel larger furniture makes a room smaller, and some think it makes it seem larger.  I am of the "larger" minded folks.  I chose the front bedroom as my bedroom, I like the placement of the window and closet best.  Since I made the third bedroom a walk-in closet/dressing room, I use this bedroom closet for linens, blankets, pillows and even my vacuum cleaner and other cleaning machines and other storage.  It is a pretty large closet and I was able to put in to large shelving units.

I have a queen sized bed in a simple Shaker style.  I like to change my textiles (about) every 5 years, and I went with a coverlet this time around.  I love coastal prints and found this great set in the JC Penney catalogue of all places.  It was priced higher than I would have wanted to pay, but it was on sale and I had a coupon, so I got for a GREAT price.  I am very pleased with the quality.  I love pillows, so I added some sweet islet trimmed shams and gingham check, with lots of throw pillows.

The walls in all the bedrooms is a Benjamin Moore gray, like the lemon chiffon in the living and dinning room, I feel it creates a nice canvas for any decor colors I choose.
I like to keep my window a little less traditional; the buffalo check panels and the tiered sheer cafe curtains are from Brylane Home catalogue.  I have had some less than positive experiences with some textiles from this catalogue, but these curtains are great.  My windows are so tall, I like to make sure the curtains are appropriate.  To help with the sun, I found these sisal roller shades (I have not seen them since.)  I love natural materials.
I like to use things for alternative purposes and this piece is a small kitchen island.  I just removed the  towel bar and it makes a perfect T.V. stand.  Again the room is small so it takes up very little space, but holds a lot.
Another re purpose, these plate racks hold framed art.  The top two are above the T.V. stand and are both framed postcards.  The lower two, one was a framed picture and the other a photo of my favorite tall ship; the Friendship of Salem.  It was built in Albany.
I love wicker and like to have a piece in each room.  I found this little chair and ottoman in the Spiegle catalogue 20 years ago.  It is just the right size, and the little trunk next to it is from the Christmas Tree Shops (a matching one is in the dinning room.)
This cabinet was made from bi-fold closet doors, similar to the one in the dinning room.
It has beveled glass and was unpainted wood, I chose red and decided to leave the inside natural.  It holds much love quilts, throws, books and other treasures.
The bedside table was found many years ago at BigLots.  I loved it when I saw it and it was cheap, but for some reason I did not buy it.  After getting home I kicked myself and ran right back out and back to the store.  It was the only one they had, I would have been so disappointed if it was not there.  I just love it.  It has two small drawers and behind the door are two shelves.
You would never think that this rug could have a story, but it does.  I ordered it from Bloomingdale's; when it came it was an Aztec print rug. (????)  So I called, they apologized, sent a new one and had  UPS pick up the wrong one.  Well, it was another Aztec print!  This happened a second time, even tho I told the customer service rep. it was the wrong print.  Well four times a charm I guess, because the fourth rug was the right one.  It is a lovely cotton rug and wears like iron.  I love it, and I don't think I could ever part with it.
Because my home was never updated by the previous owners I still have my original hardwood floors, doors, window hardware, light fixtures, switch plates and glass door knobs.  I even still have the skeleton keys and I keep them in the locks of the doors.
Again, yes the room is smaller than that of a newer home, but it is all I need and I wouldn't trade the vintage charm for anything.


  1. I stopped by your blog today. Great idea to use plate racks for pictures.

  2. Thanks Ann, and the greatest thing about the plate racks in the photos, I found them at Dollar Tree. Of course it was years ago and I have never seen them since. But, I just think that add a little more interest.