Thursday, August 20, 2015


The last of the Summer books, before I start the Fall theme books.  This book is actually set in the Spring, but it just arrived so better late Summer than never.  It takes place in Montauk, New York (Long Island) and features Meg Barrett, who after a breakup with her Fiance, she leaves her job at a top home and garden magazine and moves to Montauk to pursue her new interior design business.

Written by Kathleen Bridge, BETTER HOMES AND CORPSES is the first in a new series for her Hamptons Home and Garden Mysteries.
After Meg moves to Montauk and starts to build her new business Cottage by the Sea, she reconnects with her old college roommate, who lives in her families swanky Hampton mansion.  When she goes to the house to see her friend, she finds Jillian holding her mother's lifeless body and in a state of shock.
Meg is enlisted by her close friend and former co-worker to catalogue the contents of the wealthy woman's homes for the insurance company.  Meg is now in the middle of a murder investigation, a house full of suspects and other mysterious happenings.
I love Montauk, and everything else on the South Fork and North Fork of Long Island.  Once you get to the end of the Long Island Expressway the whole vibe of the island changes.  The Hamptons are what they are, but drive out to Orient Point (the North Fork) and Montauk Point (the South Fork) is such an amazing experience.  Farm land and stands, wineries, history, quaint shops and restaurants and charming homes, make this area a perfect location for a mystery. 
Meg is very likable and although I didn't get to the know the other "regular" characters well enough yet, I find them very likable as well.  I am hoping much of the character set up will grow as the series continues.  Long Island plays a major role in the story and Kathleen writes it well.
All and all I enjoyed it, characters and places are well described and there were multiple suspects and plenty of action with lots of twists and turns.  And since I love antiquing and home design this series is right up my alley.  Since we had another short heat wave here, that kept me home by the pool I easily breezed through the book over a 3 day period.  I am looking forward to the next book in the series and to see what Meg gets into next.

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