Friday, August 7, 2015


Well, the hot and humid weather is long gone, woo hoo!  And we are in for quite a stretch of wonderful weather.  Dew points in the 50's, no humidity, day time temps. from 78 to 80 degrees and night time temps. from 57 to 60 degrees.  It does not get much better than that.  So it was time to get out and about, but I still take at lease two days at home to lounge in the back yard, dip in the pool and get some reading done.  But, I also like to get some yard work done and then putter around the yard tending to my flowers and my outside living space.  And this perfect Summer weather is made for those type of days.

I picked up this "new-to-me" author and the first in a new series.

BY COOK OR BY CROOK, a Five Ingredients Mystery by Maya Corrigan.
It is set in Chesapeake Bay region, Maryland's eastern shore.  The sleuth,  Val Deniston,  gives up her life in NYC and her career as a Celebrity Chef Promoter after a tragic car accident (that still haunts her.)  Val, who is a Navy brat, moves to Bayport and into her widowed Grandfather's sprawling old Victorian home.  She takes a job running the Cool Down Cafe at the local Racquet Club, where she also plays tennis in a league of other locals.  When one of the town's residents, Nadia, an aggressive real estate agent and tennis player gets murdered, Val's cousin Monique is seen as a suspect.  And since Nadia had an affair with Monique's husband she does make a pretty good suspect.  But Val quickly finds out many other town folk have their own reasons to want Nadia dead. 
But proving Monique innocent isn't the only mystery in front of Val, a mysterious new comer to town takes a liking to her.  But her Grandfather has his suspicions about this mystery man.  And then there is the accident that derailed her career.  Val has no memory of the incident and she has been accused of some horrible things; and she wants to clear her name.  And then there seems to be this secret life that her Grandfather is living and the pressure to either encourage her Grandfather to fix up the house or sell it and move into a smaller more mandible house.  Val really has her hands full.
It does seem like everyone in town has a secret they are hiding.  And even tho the police chief is a good friend of her Grandfather; his force is not equipped to handle a murder with out assistance from the county and state.  And this brings an aggressive deputy to town who has his sights set on Val and Monique.  And there is someone in town who doesn't like Val investigating Nadia's murder; and this mystery person makes that very clear.
Val definitely has her hands full.  The book also has recipes included.

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