Sunday, August 23, 2015


Well I told you it was another hot week, so I have really been sticking around the house.  And when ever I get a chance to just lounge in the yard by the pool and read I take it.  So I got quite a bit of reading done between chores and puttering around the yard. 

This book is really out of order.  I started the Cackleberry Club Mysteries by Laura Child with the Halloween theme mystery, BEDEVILED EGGS when it came out.  I decided to continue with the series then pick up the first two and get to them when I could.  I just finished number 2, EGGS BENEDICT ARNOLD.

The Cackleberry Club is in the small Mid-Western town of Kindred and is a combination cafe, book store and yarn store.  It it owned by 40 something and widowed Suzanne, with the help of her friends Petra and Toni. 
In this story during a town event, Suzanne decides to take a break and deliver a pie to one of the town's morticians and finds him dead (in a gruesome scene.)  Suzanne is grabbed from behind and knocked out, luckily Petra is there to call in the cavalry.  Sheriff  Doogie comes up with his suspects and one is a good friend of the Cackleberry girls, Missy, who had been seeing Ozzie.  She convinces Suzanne to help clear her name.  Along with Missy, there is Bo a delinquent that Ozzie hired to help out at the funeral home.  But when he turns up dead too, the long list of suspects gets a little shorter.  Then there is Missy's ex husband, a strange drifter and even Ozzie's partner.
But as Suzanne and her friends start sleuthing they get in pretty deep and trouble follows them.  And with being busy with several events at the Cackleberry club, issues with Toni's delinquent estranged husband Junior and the temperamental romance novelist Carmen; the girls have their hands full.
This is a well crafted and well written mystery.  The characters are diverse and authentic.  It is a great, fun traditional mystery.  And with this story being set in the early Fall, so starts my Autumn theme reading.

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