Monday, August 31, 2015


Well, this is it the last day of meteorological Summer, but that is okay, I am ready for a change and I love Fall.  We are in for a very hot week, right through Labor Day.  My only sadness is I close the pool on Friday.  But, I will get as much use out of it this week as possible.  And if I get the itch to swim I can jump in the pool at the Y. 

The flowers have held up well and are still looking pretty good.  So I will trim some back a bit, Miracle Grow them and replace a few with Mums (if they are beyond saving.)  But I am very pleased with how the handled the Summer weather.  Luckily it didn't get too hot and there was not much prolonged heavy rain.

The grass is bright green and I have already trimmed back the cherry tree.

The pots in front of the porch have filled out very nicely and will probably take me right through late Fall.  A good feeding along with regular dead-heading will keep these hardy flowers growing.  And I have been know to keep my spikes going well through Winter.
I will pull out the Petunias on the stairs and leave the Geraniums in.  But I will be filling my pumpkin pots with Mums soon and will replace the pots later this month.
The Petunias always get leggy in the late Summer and I do try to cut them back to give them some new life, but most of them will have to be pulled.  The Petunias on the railing will be replaced with Mums.
The Lilies along the fence are done blooming but the leaves still had nice texture.  And I actually like with the leaves on the flowers start to change color.
The pots around the garage are still healthy and the Inpatients are looking great this year. 
The flower boxes in front of the pool fence have filled in nicely and again the Lilies are quieting down.
The Mose Roses create a perfect coastal feeling in the shell planter.
The sun is much brighter in the back yard so the flowers in the direct sun always look a little more tired then those in the front.  And the baskets on the fence have been a little beat up by the rain we did get.  But, they still have enough color and should hang on another month or two.
A few more days with the pool.
Tomorrow in September 1, welcome Fall.

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