Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Have I mentioned it before, I love being retired?  When you are retired you get to do things like go on an overnight get-away just to eat at a favorite diner.  I love the Route 20 corridor.
And we do travel it quite a bit.  We use it to travel locally, to travel to destinations and to visit many of the wonderful places that dot the route through out the state.  Many of our favorite spots are in Central New York.   There is a fabulous diner in Madison, home of the Madison-Bouckville Antique Week,  Quack's Village Inn.

Unfortunately Quack's in 1 hour 45 minutes away, and too long for just a meal; so we made an overnight out of it.  We stayed at the Marriott Fairfield Inns and Suites in Verona, across from Turning Stone Casino.
 I am not a big gambler, my limit is $25.00 on slot machines (although once while in Atlantic City during an unplanned "monsoon" that trapped us indoors we did spend about $50.00) it can be fun.  And there are some great restaurants in the casino.
So on Monday we headed west, we made a quick stop in Richfield Springs,    and then continued on our way for lunch at Quack's.  We had a delicious "small plate" of roasted turkey breast with mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, sweet buttery corn and for desert a root bear float.
After lunch we hit a few of the antique stores.  Antique week was last week, and we have been to it several times.  Walking around Antique Week can be exhausting and Central New York can be very hot in August; so the stores will do for now.  It was a nice cool day, with some clouds and a little drizzling rain.
Madison and Bouckville have a lot of history and vintage charm....
like this Texaco sign
historic buildings the modern....
wind turbines, the coolest thing is you can actually drive right up to see them.  And it is amazing to see them all dotting the sky as you drive along the roads.
After checking into the hotel, settling into the rooms, a quick dip in the pool to wash off the day, we headed across the street for dinner and to pick up some sweets to take home from the bakery.
The next moring we head out for breakfast at, where else, Quack's.  I had, what they call "oinker eggs."  It is scrambled eggs with ham, a side of home fries and bacon.
Eastward bound and another quick stop in Richfield Springs, then our next stop is at Tepee in Cherry Valley. 
This road side landmark has been here since 1950.
No Tepee would be complete with out a buffalo.
And the Tepee.
After a quick stroll around the gift shop and picking up a few things, eastward we continue.
For some ice cream.
So finally home, after hugging and kissing my girls, I settle in, a quick dip in the pool; only a few more days to enjoy my pool, so I want to enjoy every minute I can; I unpack the fruits of our labor.
Sweet treats from Opal's at Turning Stone, flower cup cakes and mini brownie cakes.
A few Tepee souvenirs.
And I love to bring home local papers and magazines.
And a fun book of curiosities.
The clouds are building up again and some rain is predicted, settling in for the night with the girls.

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